Which frame for wall mount?

Hey folks - there are a few threads mentioning that it’s easier to use the “from below” frames. It totally makes sense that one need only get the dimensions right then put a wood screw in from the bottom and you’re good.

However, how are you getting under there? Would one be lifting up the whole machine? Disassembling it and then just installing wasteboard into the frame?

Then to the question posted. I’m excited to try the wall hanging approach and have ordered both the frame and the wall brackets. But, seems even more difficult to imagine screwing waste boards in “from the bottom” since, I think one would have to completely dismantle and then “remantle” to use that.

Wall mounting in general I assume has it’s challenges with holding the work piece up there whilst using whatever clamping approach but curious what folks think about top versus bottom loading the wasteboards in that configuration

I am new to all this but have decided to go with the "from below option for changing the waste board. The way it looks to me the whole thing pivots from the brackets, so it’s a matter of bracing it with a couple home made legs while you change the boards out.

I am wondering about a couple other things with the wall mount system.
First would be cable management, has anyone looked at drag chains for the wall mount or would it be basically the same as a table mount?
And second…dust collection any ideas? Would you still utilize the suckit dust boot or let gravity do the work and make a trough for the chips and dust to fall into and a vac attached to it to clear debris?

Thanks for any ideas or advise guys.