New 1F Frame/Wasteboard

This excites me but I have one question. Is each frame bolt tested before shipping? I.E. do you assemble it with a Woodworker to test fit and 1F movement before shipping?

I wish there was an option for a full waste board and not slats.

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Based on the construction would be an easy option. Just replace the T slat with flat slats. They bolt in place.

This is an interesting accessory but I wonder about the width of the tracks and what slots/nuts will fit in it.

It seems I have the need to modify most things in my world, so for me I would want to see detailed dimensioned drawings and up close photographs of the components before I consider purchasing. The short video was somewhat helpful.


They are standard T-track size.

I kinda like the design, kind don’t.
The profiles look super strong and overall assembly to the machine is nice.

It does not look like there is any way to mount the 1F securely to a table with this - what is the affect on vibration and chatter? There is no way (I do not see an easy way) to mount the waste board mount from the top so if your machine is in an enclosure swapping them would be hard.

Overall, it works well with the concept of a mobile, easy to set up and move machine. But I do not think that will be how I want to use it. Maybe there will be more in depth info later.

They have two versions in the shop. The secure from above version caters to this particular need.

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I’m not sure that there’s a standard, I see different manufacturers have different widths. Not all of them work well with metric bolts.
I’m in Belgium so, while I could acquire a set of imperial bolts just to use on these tracks, I’d rather save myself the trouble. But most importantly I’d like to know before I purchase.

Could you please share a link to what you consider the standard t-track?

Can anyone explain the difference between the “Secure from above” and “Secure from below” frames? How would you mount the wasteboard from the top?


I too would like this information on how the secure from above works. I did not see any difference between the models and details on how the whole system works would be nice.

Are the holes in the frame threaded? something else?

Don’t have a link but the standard is 3/4" wide by 1/4" deep. Hope that helps. Just convert to metric.

The secure from below you run the screws up from the bottom into the waste board slats. To replace a slat you’ll need to rotate the table back up & unscrew it from below. But you’re simply inserting the screw into the holes in the tracks and screwing in.

The secure from above requires you to drill through holes in the waste board slats that will line up with the holes in the tracks and then run your bolts in from above. That also means you need to countersink the holes so the heads of your fasteners are below the surface and won’t get whacked by an end mill. Harder to setup because you need to get the spacing right and are drilling two sizes of holes. But once you have it, way easier to replace because you just remove the fasteners from above and replace the waste board slat.

I’m going to create a template in VCarve that will let me drill out (spiral drilling operation) the through hole as well as the countersink. Then I can make waste board slats as needed without any hand work.

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Hey there! Thank you for this info! I was curious if you might share your VCarve template with everyone here? :slight_smile:


I used Table saw to cut the slats. 4 @ 6’’ and 1 @ 5.125”
You have 4 spaces for the T-tracks. That equals 3”.
4x6=24” plus 5.125” plus 3” equals total 32.125”. The lengths are cut to 32.125”. If you put two T-tracks on the outsides your total width should end up @ 33.625”
Hope that helps.

Certainly. But I’m not home this week so it’ll have to wait until the weekend.