New waste board idea? your thoughts?

I’m new to this, but after checking out the 2 “styles” of wasteboards (T-tracks or recessed nuts distributed along the entire board)
Has anyone thought / tried installing T- tracks, then glue 1/4 20 nuts spaced out all along the T- track? Or just maybe just rows of 1/4 20 screws in a line “like” a T-track?
Seems like it would be best of both types? Easy to replace mdf strips, but allow screwing in at many locations? no “sliding” your hold downs? No having to cut and then install all those “threaded retainers”?

Let me know what you think of this design… What you see as “+” and “-” of this idea?

Am I way off base?


It is hard to see the advantage of trying to employ both approaches at once. It would seem that having the fixed nuts in place would require two types of clamps rather than just one.
I don’t have my machine yet so that is only a guess on my part but I’m currently leaning toward T-nuts.
If you go that route please be sure to report back to us on how works out though.

I agree with Phil. My recommendation is to pick one style and master it instead of creating complexity. I’ve used both over the last couple of years and prefer the flexibility and ease of use of the T-Track. From my perspective, and also how I use my machine, the T-Track is much easier to create and replace your MDF stringers. Early on, I was cutting into my spoiler board as I didn’t take the time to measure and we all know 3/4 inch is not 3/4 inch. :slight_smile:

You would only be using the one “type of screws” because the T- track would be full of screws and no longer function as a “T-track per say”, only as a “hold down / template” for “rows of nuts” on the board.
So you would not have to drill all the holes equal distant across the wasteboard itself. Making the MDF strips easy to replace?

As I see, it the advantage to having a nut in the t-track is you can cut close to the edge of your part without worrying about hitting a screw that is sticking up above your clamp. This assumes you have a screw that doesn’t bottom out in the t-track before getting the clamp tight. But I don’t see any reason to glue it, a 1/4-20 nut in my t-track doesn’t spin. If the size of the material you’ll cutting will vary a lot I suggest making your first waste board simple. You’ll quickly learn how to get creative with your clamps.

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Thanks you for you for your response! makes sense!