T track? Or no t track

How many of you are planning to or are using t track? I am starting to plan my waste board and could go either way.

The glue is drying as we speak on the laminating two 3/4" plys together.

I plan to route T-track directly in and add dog holes. That should wield plenty of options.

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So you use mdf as your waste board and tape and glue to secure?

I actually used two half of good project plywood. We’ll see if that was smart or dumb.

T Tracks for me all the way!


I’m with the T-Track team, I had threaded inserts in my X-Carve for 4 years and while they have their benefits, the ease and use of the T-Track (IMO) outweighs them.

That said; Threaded inserts are great for installing your Wasteboard Runners… LOL



I am also going to use T-Track with MDF strips. I feel it gives me the most long term flexibility with easy replacement.

Any chance you would share the t track you use and the dimensions of the mdf strips? I am wanting to get as close to ready I can.

Sure I used this T-Track (It was the best price I could find on Amazon.

As for my strips of MDF (it kinda depends on how big your wasteboard is, and how many T-Tracks you want to have. My MDF strips are 4 11/16" wide and 32.25" long

Just add up the total width of all the tracks you want to have and divide by 32.25" and you’ll have your spacer width. I added one more on each side of the cut area so I could clamp in from the ends as well.

Hope that helps!


At this point, I’m leaning towards threaded inserts. But I am still on the fence, but since my machine will be en route next week, I need to make a decision :rofl:

I have designs for T-Track, M5 threaded inserts (same as my X-Carve), and 1/4-20 inserts. Since I have some T-Track hold downs, I might go that way. But threaded inserts are much less expensive. But when it comes to replacing, T-Track is way easier. So, yeah, still debating :wink:

As someone else noted, Orange Aluminum has great prices on T-Track.


I’m on team t-track. Ordered mine from Orange Aluminum in 36" pieces and will allow the long side to stick out the back side of the cutting area.

I was about to order from Orange given the inexpensive nature of their track, but it was going to be over $40 for shipping to the east coast, so I ordered some from Amazon and actually saved a little money. So now I have a project for this weekend :wink:


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T Trac is the way that i have decided to go. Then replaceable MDF between the trac.

I am going with 1/4 20 inserts in MDF below the wasteboard. Wasteboard will have larger holes to feed the hold down bolts through to the T nuts. If the T-nuts are in the lower level, they will never need to be changed.

As this is my first CNC, I decided to learn on just a sheet of MDF and use screws in safe areas or tape and super glue as hold downs. Glad I did. Have had a few miscalculations like my 3/4" stock that was really 5/8" and already had too deep of a cut defined as well as a lot of generally just a bit too deep cutting in the front left 2/3rds of the wasteboard.

That has been working well for me. I like that i can resurface it a few times before replacing it. I also like that if I have some catastrophic poo for brains moment I am out MDF, not t-tracks nor bits from aggressively mutilating them.


I am in the same boat as you. My first CNC. I plan on using screws ca glue and double sided tape to start. My second choice will be the screw downs in the board because they are down so far that I will really have to screw up to hit them.

Having run a bunch on it this weekend I am thinking a few threaded insert around the y and x outer bounds would allow me the use of some hold downs as well but be in a safe region.

@OldNewbie - I still use the tape method when I need to mill something without clamps in the way. But I don’t use it all the time since the blue tape is quite expensive - a couple rolls of that and you can pay for some T-track :wink:


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Orange was a winner with free ship for $100 customers. T-Slot for will be used for the enclosure structure so it works out. Black Friday yes.


Good news. My 1F arrived and although missing the mounting bolts for the monitor, 100% in working order. I thought I would share my first project.

As stated earlier in this thread, I elected to stay with T-Track. Further, I have 1in MDF floating on the table. I have them locked on three sides and with the hold downs on the main table top of 3/4in Baltic Birch I suspect I don’t need to anchor them to the table. Time will tell.