T Track vs Threaded Insert Wasteboard

Hi everyone, it seems like there are alot of back and forth on the preference for T-Track vs Threaded insert.

To me the threaded insert seems easier and cheaper and allows for use of cam style clamps.

What is everyone’s opinion?

Does anyone have a T-Track that they wish they went threaded insert?
Does anyone have a threaded insert they wish they went T-Track?

Thanks all,

I use T-Track and have had no issues, But there is NOTHING preventing the implementation of Both! Do T-Track and then throw in a few threaded Inserts where you need them.

I am planning on doing just that for a few key spots that the T-Track is a bit clunky like on the far left and right of the WB.



I went with t-nuts on my first wasteboard. When it’s time to replace it, I think I’ll be switching to t-tracks. It just takes too long to machine the wasteboard and reinstall the t-nuts.

The route I plan to go mimics the bed on the Axiom machines. As long as the replacement MDF strips (the very top layer) are cut to the right width, the mounting bolts can be installed anywhere along the center line of the board’s length since you’re attaching them to strips of t-track.

I should be able to replace the wasteboard in a matter of minutes, versus hours.


I switched from t-nuts to t-track when I went from X-Carve to OF. I have to say, I like the T-nuts better. Even though they never seemed to be in the right place, they were always closer than my T-track. And I made my track only 3 3/8" apart, which is very close compared to others.

All that said, both work and work well. I’m going to stick with t-track for a now and see if I warm up to them. But as Alex said, you can do both, which might be what I do as some point.


First CNC in December 1F . was really unsure at the start so i went with simple MDF square using nails and/or 2 sided tape. Now im making my own going to be a combo of T-track and thread. along with a dogleg to help with Tiling jobs.

What clamps do you use,