Threaded Insert Recommendations

So I am planning on purchasing threaded inserts for my wasteboard. (Not sure yet if I will go all inserts or combo t-rack. - Apparently his is quite the discussion on the Onefinity Forum)

Anyways any good sources with quick shipping?

I was considering McMaster because i have had great luck with there heat set inserts and bad luck with random threaded products off Amazon. (McMaster-Carr Qty. 100 for $13.84) Only problem is they come in four different lengths. is .486" (33/64) too long?

Are you putting the inserts into MDF or plywood? Threaded inserts in MDF don’t last long in my experience. I used t-nuts on mine.


These are flanged inserts, if it makes a difference.

What was the failure mode you witnessed? Pull thru?

I’m very happy with the Rampa SKD330 threaded inserts. They have three threads on the outside, so they are a lot more stable when you screw them in.

Yeah, pull through. Flanged inserts should work just fine as long as the flange is on the bottom I’d think

I’ve used these before without any issue. Some of them stripped, so a little CA or wood glue while installing will fix them in position. I used them in combination with these to hold my waste board down. I think if they are screwed in from the bottom it will be OK.

I’m currently looking for threaded inserts for holding the clamps so I’ll be interested in your findings. I was considering these but I’m still on the fence. Not sure if M3, M5, or 1/4-20 is best. So, again, interested in the collective wisdom here.


Thanks everyone. I purchased some I will let you know how they work out but I may have made a different mistake. I went with ultralight mdf. I hope it is dense enough. :grimacing:

Hey John - what is “ultralight” MDF? I mean after all, MDF does stand for medium density fiberboard. I’m hoping it is literally just lighter rather than less dense.


Ultralight is like 30% lighter than standard I guess. I bought ultralight because at my lumber store the thickest standard mdf they had was 3/4” and I the ultralight 1-3/8 or 1-3/16 so I figured it would give me more surfacing time before I hit my inserts.

I have those in my shop and they’ve been fine. 1/4-20 seems to be the standard since it works with t-track as well, and is a great size to have around in the shop for other jigs and fixtures.

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