Woodworker Ordered - Waste Board 1/4" x 20 Inserts

I have Ordered my “Woodworker” and it’s slated to arrive in early May 2021. I’m trying to lay out
my waste board (MDF) with the proper size holes placed to a correct spacing so the hold downs
are properly placed. My questions are:

  1. Is 2.5" spacing about proper for the 32.25" square work area? Or would 2" or 3" be better?
  2. Do I need to make a slightly larger relief hole for the head of the insert, to be sure the waste
    board is flat after the insert is screwed into the MDF?
  3. Should I offset the holes on X or Y axis for any reason.
  4. Any other suggestions on the proper layout?

Forum views I’ve done so far haven’t located this information.



Morning Larry,

Welcome to the forum and congrats on pulling the trigger on your OF.

As for “Proper” that’s a tough on as there is no real “standard” on how you set things up… its completely up to you and varies greatly on what your primary use for the OF will be, which is why I think you didn’t find it in your search.

Some folks go 2" some go 3" , some skip and go T-Track and then there are the hybrids. Its the beauty of the OF and if you find in June that you want to change, boom switch it up.

I know that really does not answer your question which is the reason for your post, So… Let me take a stab at an “Opinion”

  1. 2.5" will work great, to your point you have 32.125 " to work with.
  2. No you do not, the TI’s will drop into a standard through-hole.
  3. Yes I would offset your left and bottom edge 2.5" off the board edge so clamps etc. have support on their edge side of the WB
  4. As far as layout, that is a hard one as no matter what you pick you will always find a workpiece that where the holes are just in the wrong place. haha.

Hope that helps!

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