Table upgrade suggestions

Hi all, going to spend the day upgrading my table to some T-tracks but wanted to ask if you t-track users on here have any advice for my setup?
I’ve seen the videos on combining t-track, threaded insert and dog holes etc… would you say this is the way to go or is it overkill?

Also looking for ideas for clamps I can cut myself to suit the t-track system. Once again, I’ve seen the options out there, just wanting to hear some first hand experience feedback on what works well for you!

Good morning Kyle. I have a T-track and waste board setup with no threaded insert or dog holes. Overall, I like the simplicity of the T-track and use Rockler mini clamps as the secondary hold.

My primary hold is blue tape and CA glue, which I have used with great success. For larger pieces or if there is a bow in the wood, I use a combination of CA glue and the T-track.

I hope my experience helps.


I found this to be helpful when getting started. He has other good info as well.

Check this for some simple effective clamps.

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