Spoil Board Design

I think I saw something on Facebook about this, but honestly, the organization of “threads” sucks there so I missed the details.

Do we have exact dimensions to start designing spoil boards? The dimensions on the website are a little generic. I say the two moose do a spoil board but no design details. Just curious if folks have started working on this - I’m happy to whip some stuff up, I just need the details.



Curious about this also. This is my 1st cnc so I’m unsure which setup to go with, t-track like Moose has or a Myers threaded design. My table is 48"x48" so I have options to go with either one

Im kinda in same boat My first cnc also Just finished a 48"x 48" table with fresh MDF for my onefinity in the same debate atm threaded design or t-track

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Have you decided yet what your gonna do? With either design you have the option to mount the cnc on top of the mdf or on the base material. If mounted on the base material we would lose 3/4.

I think… for myself i am leaning to a T-track system atm. reason is i think for a threaded system would work fine as well. but i think i will have to make lot more different styles of stops and clamps with a threaded system, over a T track system. T track system stop slides to you. threaded system you have to reach your part from the threaded area so im thinking this would require different size clamps and stops. I am new so i could be totally wrong .

i have v2 of my wasteboard coming soon…and instead of t track, i integrate microjig dovetails.


Let us know how that goes. I’m liking the slots mixed with dog holes in my regular bench top.

@MyersWoodshop - will you cover why you dovetails instead of t-track in the video? In my mind they do the same things, though homemade dovetails would be a lot less expensive.


Since seeing Ben’s post I’ve watched several videos on the matchfit system, looks very promising, can’t wait to see what his spoil board looks like.

dovetails are free :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Ben,

Any hint as to when you’re going to launch that new spoil board video? I’m now at the point that its next on the build list, so would be great to see you’re new improved design. :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks again for the great content!

I’m in a holding pattern also lol. I think for now Im just gonna fasten the entire piece of mdf, flatten it, and use pin nails to hold my work down until i learn the process better then I’ll worry with a clamping system.


I hope to have time to work on a video for it this weekend. or at least start it!


Think im with Jake in this holding pattern I have also decided to just get a brad nailer and MDF scraps until i figure out what is best for me. I thought i was decided at one point then changed my mind… lol

So I am currently running an xcarve. I should be receiving my onefinity late December early January. (11274)

I am currently in need of updating my spoilboard and was thinking of going 39.37in x 39.37in aluminum to fit the xcarve. Would this size work for the Onefinity?


Just make sure that the part you want to surface is less than 32.25" x 32.25" otherwise the bit will not be able to access it for clearing. That is the max cutting size of the Woodworker OF. Aluminium would give you a great rigid base, but you are probably going to want to overlay MDF or some sacrificial top plate.


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From what I can tell in the pics on the website, the OF does not have a frame below it like xcarve… Is this correct? If it doesn’t are you still attaching it to the table top?

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You are correct, there is no frame below. The linear rails attach right to the tabletop. Check out the videos on FB and YouTube of the machine.

Hey all. I finished my table for my OF and got antsy waiting for Ben’s dovetail design so I fooled around with a design on vcarve pro. I am a complete newbie, don’t have my table yet and am new to CAD/CAM so this was a complete shot in the dark. Can you veterans take a look and point out any/all flaws in my design thinking. This incorporates the microjig dovetail system and pocket holes. My first thought after finishing the design is that so much cutting into the wasteboard will severely sacrifice the integrity of the MDF. Should I be concerned about that? As for the CAM side, I used a profile path and plan on using a 1/2" 14 degree dovetail bit cutting 3/8" deep in one pass. I drew the vector lines to overhang so that the bit gets to the correct depth while off of the board, comes out all the way, and then goes in again at the correct depth. (Not included in this version but I plan on doing a relief cut with a 1/4" endmill before cutting the full dovetail). For the holes, I set it up with a 1/4" endmill using a pocket path just because I have no idea how else to cut the holes. I am attaching a pdf of the preview and the actual vcarve pro file for those that use vcarve. Any and all feedback welcome. Dovetail and Pocket Hole Spoil Board.crv (2.2 MB) Dovetail and Pocket Hole Spoil Board.pdf (255.7 KB)

Is this going to come out soon?