Onefinity Spoilboard System (full system )

Hey guys/gals. Thought id drop a link here to my spoilboard system. Just one of many that are out there.
Ive decided to go a totally different direction and build it with slabs for threaded inserts, t track, dog holes, AND what I think is the best part the sac boards. If you build it you should never have to replace your threaded wasteboard again. Do all your through cuts on sac boards.
Take a peek if you want. Always here to answer questions too. Take care everyone.
Happy carving. Onefinity CNC Multi Option Spoilboard System | Etsy


No machine yet and learning Carveco Maker. What kind of files does it come with? Looks like a good system

Thanks Ryan - oddly enough, Etsy pushed your spoil board to me via email this morning! I like the combination of dog holes and threaded inserts. I might do the same.


Funny… im not paying etsy for ads at all. Not sure if its worth it yet… Perhaps when I have more items up there I will pay a little…
thanks for sharing tho :slight_smile: