Spoil board design question

Looking for advice
For those using the t track (3/4") if your using 6 t tracks 2 on outside what is the dimensions of your spoil board pieces that go between the t track?
2@5" and 3@6" would be 32.5 counting the 6- 3/4" t tracks?
As long as I set my front left Z point on the spoil board corner would this work corner? or does someone have a sketch up of a current design for a t track spoil board they would share. Thanks still a newb

I’d make them all equal sizes, personally. Here’s a file I was working on in case it helps. You’ll want to base your board width on actual t-track dimensions. I just pulled these from the Sketchup library. But my boards came out to approximately 5 7/8", assuming the t-track was sized correctly.

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I made mine all 6”. Total is 33” The center of the router covers 32-1/4” x 32-1/4” but because I’m using a 1” dia surfacing bit, it will cut 1/2” greater all the way around.

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I’m still working on mine, but I was going to go with 2.5 inches. My thought process is, I currently have holes in a 75mm grid (~3’), and I routinely find that too far from where I want to hold things down. BUT - that’s a lot of T-Track, which are quite expensive. So I’m still noodling through it. I may just use threaded inserts (like I have now), which I can get 150 for less than $10 (or the cost of a single T-track). Something to consider.



@cyberreefguru Just FYI, I found t track on orangealuminum.com to be pretty good price.


I elected to use Rockler’s T-Track which gives me an excuse to go to the store! :slight_smile: I’ll lay out 5 vertical and one horizontal but create a space for cutting ends of board for dado and finger joints. I’m waiting on the machine before I put the spoil board together. Week of Nov 21 so… getting closer.

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I decided to go the t-track route, but got some from Amazon as the shipping from Orange was far too high. They should be here today so I can get the machine and waste board fully assembled this weekend.

I’m happy to share the Fusion model if anyone what it to play around with.



I’m probably going to order the power-tec t-tracks from Amazon. Is this the ones you ordered?

I haven’t, but I have heard of others who have, and like them. I order the stuff Alex (@MindOfMcClure) mentioned since it was a little less expensive. Arrived today so I can post my thoughts tomorrow.


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Tom, I checked out @AdamsLeatherWorks sketchup file, but would appreciate seeing your Fusion file if you are able to share. I’m about to order the Amazon t-tracks and am considering six 4-3/4"-width spoil board pieces plus five of the 3/4" t-tracks to provide the 32-1/4" cutting area (plus t-tracks on the far left, far right, and front).


Hey Paul - no problem. I can’t upload the archive here, so I put it in Dropbox. Let me know if it works for you.

That worked perfectly, Tom. Thanks. I’m now reconsidering my set-up of six 4-3/4" wide strips and going with your eight 3-3/8" strips. I have a couple more questions, but I don’t want to hijack @jbirch’s thread! I’ll DM you instead. And, oh… I just discovered your YouTube page. Subscribed!

Hi Paul - sure thing and thanks!

I want to make a Hybrid of t-track and thread waste board. using 5 t-track ? using 5 tracks @ 7.5" apart tracks are .75" wide = 32.25 2 tracks are on outside of board. I am also going to be putting a grid on the board prob a 2" pattern the question i have is should i place for the threads on the 2" line. (This will make the 4 parts of the waste board different from each other) or should i make them symmetrical? and 2nd question is on some waste board designs i see like a peg being used is that a slandered size and what size is it?

No matter what manufacturer you chose for t-track, it seems to me that better performance for hold downs would be provided, if you rabbit the waste board sections to partially cover the t-track. Edges of the track thus covered would confine the t-track insuring the track will not lift under strain. Just a thought.

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Here’s a picture - this is what I did for my table.

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Mike I’m being a little thick here! What are those pieces of mdf? Is the top board your project and the board with the track your waste board. Or is the bottom your table?

The bottom board I placed on my table, and screwed the t-track down into the table to hold it. The top board is my wasteboard, I glued that down. I’m slowly eating away at the wasteboard, and will eventually just glue another one on top.

The t-track could also have been embedded into the table top - would have saved me 3/4".

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