Not sure which one I need

Does anyone know the pros and cons of the 2 versions? Screw top or screw bottom?

The difference that I see in the description is that the beneath does not require you to drill holes in the wasteboard.
I suppose, but it would be great if 1F could confirm/clarify, that the beneath holds the waterboard with wood screws while the above uses nuts and bolds.

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I’m assuming the underneath version would be secured initially with woodscrews. Once you had the hole pattern you could install inserts when it was time to replace the mdf strips.

An interesting comment in the other thread made me realise that, one reason to choose the above version would be if you mount in an enclosure.
Although we don’t replace the wasteboard so often that it would be a major consideration, more like something to keep in mind.


I have not even made my table yet. Thinking 50”x50”x36-38” high. I bought those plastic leg kits (I can not figure a sturdy way to add casters), but I am second guessing if I want to use them or build it from 100% wood with 4x4 legs so I can add casters. I want to eventually add an enclosure but that might be awhile as I am literally just learning Woodworking.

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