PRO Series Foreman (48" x48" Cut Area)

i am about to buy one of these 4ft by 4 ft

question one why cant i mount it vertically

my use is cutting basic plastic sheet from 3mm to 12 mm medium density core

i cut also 1/8 or 3mm plywood

mount it vertically would save me a ton of space

I am not lucky enough to have a Foreman. I have an X-50 Journeyman, but my initial gut reaction would be because of the sheer weight of the Foreman machine makes it nigh impossible to mount vertically.

Much like they don’t recommend the rolling leg QCW for the Journeyman…


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Another thought would be to investigate adapting one of those rotating carts, like Fisher’s Table. I’m not SURE it would work with the Foreman, but you might be at a weight where it would simply pull wood screws out of the studs when in operation.


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Hey Wayne,

Do you mean the Fisher-style table concept? Here an example how it is accomodated to fit the 48″x32″ Journeyman which can be seen under @JimHatch’s Lessons Learned for Flip/Fold up/down Tabletop, or like Joshua’s @RockingMallet flippable table variant for the Elite 48″x32″ Journeyman. But I also like Lee’s @TDE Fold Down Wall Mounted CNC Table or William’s @WmColl46 flippable table with vertical clamping possibility.

The Foreman’s Y feet are taller as on Journeyman and Woodworker, as it has 50 mm rails instead of 35 mm rails on the Y axes. Journeyman and Woodworker have 35 mm rails on Y axes. See here for an image of the difference between 35 mm and 50 mm axes. But their foot profile is identical.

I think a CNC should be horizontal, and I would always want an enclosure (e.g. like this one) because dust and debris of broken bits can be extremely dangerous.

See also

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love the feed back.

i look into the cart thing.

if i order the screen with the fore man i can use a touch screen later on the machine

the stock stand that come with machine how stable is it.

i am about to pull the trigger on this.

second question can the spill board mill from edge to edge so i can have a true reference to cut my materials. the 48inch by 48inch bed i see its a tad bit more in the specs

also how is touch off tool affected if i mill. i was looking at the add on touch off tool

final question
vacuum support

is there a option to turn on and off vacuum when Makita trim router is turned on
my old cnc had a plug built in the controller that turned on and off vacuum

or would you suggest the amazon option.

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the same functionality exists in the Elite’s power box.

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