Flip Table Plans

Hello All-

I am another anticipating shipment.
Would anyone have a flip table design plan available to share? I liked Targs but the email request bounced back. Any help appreciated; have a small shop and a flip table would be nice. I do realize there are a sketchup plans around but I prefer dimensioned drawings if possible.


Hi Joe,

Here is a nice mobile cart with a flip table by Drew Fisher.

One of the nice things about this table is that ability to use the opposite side as an assembly table.

Youtube Video: Woodworking: Making Fisher's Mobile Assembly Table - YouTube
Plans: https://www.fishersshoponline.com/product-page/fisher-s-mobile-assembly-table



Thank you for responding. I actually found that one after posting. It looks perfect for my needs. My only concern is for the electronics in the top drawer. I have a laser coming as well so I might modify it a bit to accommodate the electronics above the drawers or something depending on their footprint. I assume the electronics put off a little heat. I assume you have an OF-
outside of the display do you find yourself needing access to the other electronics on a regular basis? I’m very need to CNC, I had a very strong interest in CAD about 45 years ago when I was wanting to be an architect in high school. Now at 61 I’m looking to keep my head active and get back some of the creative juices life had delayed for me. :grin:

Again, very much appreciate the response-


Besides the monitor, I access the USB ports (for getting files onto the machine) and the emergency stop button on the controller box.

I believe his intent for the controller was to unplug the motor wires from the machine and store the controller and wires in the drawer when not in use. The procedure of connecting/disconnecting the controller wires would only take a minute or so. In fact I think I would simplify the build and forgo putting the router power cable in the table. Instead I would replace the router’s power cable with a coil cord like this…

The other thing I would do to simplify this build is to not do the T-Track grid and instead attach my spoilboard and T-Track to the surface like in the picture above. That way I could surface the spoilboard to make it coplanar with the router.

If you wanted the controller and wiring to be permanent, I think the easiest method would be to make the table wider by 12 inches and then just extend any of the other parts of the build as needed. Sort of like this…


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Great info, thanks again TomI

Where do you hail from?


I’m in Pennsylvania a little north of Philadelphia

It seems a lot of CNC on the right half of the US. I’m in California, missing my roots in MInnesota.