Post up them projects

Come on people, I know some of you have had your machines for a while. Post up some projects already for some inspiration for the rest of us that are still waiting.


Hey Grant… A lot of Onefinity users post their projects to their personal/business IG or FB accounts. If they tag us we put it up on our IG or FB page… Here are the links…

Maybe we should start a contest to get more people posting their projects here?


It can’t hurt!
This is for 20 characters…

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Let’s wait until 331 is delivered! :slight_smile:


Just a test piece im working on


Very Nice work Jake… love the LED and multiple depths.

That’s sweet Jake. Did you make the light base also?

Finally got some time to make progress on a couple of projects. My son got involved and he designed his own version of a sign base on TY. I took his design and shrunk it down to fit mine.


Nice collaboration with your son. I really like the extra line of acrylic between the pieces on the base. Thanks for sharing.

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Completed quite a few projects.
Numbers a 5 inches tall the board is 8" x 14"
Wood is red oak

Catch all tray 6" tall.

Few 5" letter names
image image

Alphabet / Montessori Board 15" x 9.75" x .25"


Nice looking work Frank

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After doing a few little simple V-bit things, I tried this
It’s about 13" high.
and 12 hrs. later lolllll


At the bottom you can see where I started the finishing pass, (1"+/-). I had to stop because I had entered the wrong feeds, but I had to press E-stop and reboot because somehow the stop/pause froze the Z. Basically resulting in loosing the XY reference.
So I eye-balled it, (haven’t received my probe yet!! Hint Hint :wink: and ended up being off by about an 1/8 in the Y.

That looks awesome Chris, love the graing and how it flows thru the leaves.

That is impressive - you must be pleased with the end result. The OF will be my first CNC. May I ask what software is required to create such a carving? Also, where did the design come from - did you create it, or are files such as this available online?

Thanks Grant,
and Tom, I’m far from being an artist!!! and it’s very time consuming to create a 3d image like that, but rewarding when you do. I do have a full-time job (cnc machinist) owner/operator on extra large machines.
I was lucky enough to find a generous person on Pinterest that shared his/her files for free. I imported the file into an older version of Vcarve (I think) and a few clicks away the file was created.
I followed a Vectric/Stepcraft tutorial on Youtube , very well explained, and to be honest, It’s too easy, almost like cheating :wink: The software does EVERYTHING as far as G-code is concerned.


Really digging the Tron like theme on the acrylic light, very nice!

Wedding sign:
Text 3d modeled in Aspire
1/16th tapered ball nose finish pass only (no roughing pass)
Poplar wood from Lowes & finished with Odie’s Oil
~ 9"X20"


That’s Beautiful :slight_smile:
what were your feeds/Speeds?

Thanks! 300imp & 150 Plunge.