Enclosure for ONEFINITY

I posted this on FB and figured I’ll share here too. I finished my enclosure for onefinity. (48"×54"x35") 3/4" burch plywood table and front door portion. The rest of the white enclosure is 1/2" thick PVC panels. 1/4" plexiglass for the door and side view. Base is Husky tool cabinet 46"×24". Also added a rolling cart behind the cabinet to support the other half to makeup 30"inches. That back wall has an 40" x 6" inch door opening to accommodate large work pieces. The enclosure really easily rolls forward to allow this. Had an electrical enclosure laying around, this will house the 1F controller. The panel has a main power switch, switch for lights, vacuum and anything else I plan to control in the future. Only left to install the Estop off of onefinity. Bought off Amazon a pc wireless controller that looks like for Playstation. 3D printed controller holder, door handles, vacuum parts, and plan to print more for 1F once unit arrives. 5hp shop vac in the back with a HD dust separator. Installed sliding gates to switch between vacuum for onefinity and other tools.

Future additions will be adding another enclosure for VFD for a spindle when 1F makes a larger spindle mount.


Very nice, love it!!

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Wow will you be making plans available?

Thanks, I will try make these plans available soon. All my measurements, and drawings were done by hand on paper.

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Yours has to be in the top few that’ll be appreciated

Do you happen to have the inside dimensions for your enclosure?

The inside W47xD52xH33

Looks like what I want to do when I get my machine. Thanks for inside dimensions, helps a lot.

Np, however now that I have my unit installed inside. If I could do it all over again, I would like 49 wide at least. Otherqise, It fits nice but would like another inch for the x motor to have extra space from wall.

Greg, Is only the machine in the enclosure? I assume all wires and everything else is outside.

Yes, just the machine. The controller is outside on the side. My enclosure box for the controller is attached on the side of the tool box.

Here’s a picture when I was setting it up. I will be also uploading a video of the entire setup soon.


Have you ran noise (dB) test while running a cut with the doors open and closed? I’m wondering how much noise reduction it has.

Is the factory OneFinity controller box and e-stop in your electronics box? Did you then relocate the e-stop to the outside, is it the “red” toggle switch on the drawer face side of the box?
Is both ends of the enclosure have the ability to open for long items?

Yes controller inside the box and the estop button will be moved soon on the door. I also plan on adding a second in future inside the mIn enclosure using breakout board connection. I’ll add this future whenever they make a larger mount to hold 80mm spindle.

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Potentially dumb question here: Where are you getting sheets of plywood larger than 4x8? Is it acceptable to use multiple pieces of plywood as the “floor” of the enclosure, say in halves right down the middle? Since it’s effectively the base of the machine I’m wondering if that’s OK.