CNC enclosures systems pre-made kits

Just wanted to share this site I found that sells enclosures, for those of us not as creative!


Nice, thanks for sharing Tony

Thanks Tony - Openbuilds has some great parts and great prices. Prior to the OF being announced, I was going to build one of their machines with screw drive. I wasn’t super excited about another kit, but it was better than most at that price point. But fortunately, OF solved my dilemma :wink:


I did the opposite. While waiting for my OF machine, I built a 750x750 Workbee. I learned quite a bit! Plus the OpenBuilds Control software has some wizards that OF should consider. I’ll put them in the feature request.


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Is this enough for the Onefinity? Its tight and I know the dust boot wouldnt work

Series 1010:

  • Inside Dimensions: 46" W x 46" L x 29" H (1180mm W x 1180mm L x 740mm H)
  • Outside Dimensions: 48" W x 48" L x 30" H (1220mm W x 1220mm L x 761mm H)
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Good information Greg and good question. I’d be interested in input from others as well.

Outside dimensions of the CNC are 45 X 46 so would be tight, but fit!

Don’t forget the controller! I made the base of my OF 49" wide and there is simply no room for the controller on the base. I’m considering mounting it under the base board, which would simplify wiring anyway. Have to get the drag chain installed first.


I guess you drill holes for dust collection hose?

I did 49x49 with the controller underneath and wires come up through holes. I like that the dust stays further away from the controller but the physical emergency stop is not as easy should I need it.

@Hermsen.BJ - that’s where I’m leaning but have the same concern about the estop. Given I only used it once with my X-Carve in 3 years, maybe it’s not a big deal?

@Paw-Paw - yep, ran my dust collection hose down the the corner of the desk to the dust stopper and shop vac. Still have to get the drag chain installed, and I’m super not happy with the router power following the dust hose. I like to move my machine around a lot without the dust boot on, and it’s real pain when it drags the boot around and gets jammed up in the machine.


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Did you order one? If so can you share pictures and give us an update with the outcome? This is one of those items I would just rather purchase than spend a lot of time locating all the materials to build. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Have not ordered . gonna wait till I have my OF and see if I need it…