Just built a new enclosure


I am new to this forum and new to CNC woodworking, however I wanted to let everyone know. I just built a complete enclosure for my one onefinity using the plans and files from Mitz Pellicciotta, who was a great help during the build process, so a big thank you to Mitz.

Love reading the posts everyone…

Below are a few photographs of the build.



Nice. I’m planning on making an enclosure based on Mitz’s you tube video I watched, but I hadn’t realized he had posted a pdf with instructions there as well.

Thank you Steve for pointing that out and thanks to Mitz for the extra effort put in to share the information.

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That’s a great enclosure! Thank you both for the video links and PDF comment.

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Nice! I just watched the video. The dust boot extension was something I overlooked and will have to take into account.

I’ve been mucking around in fusion (as much a learning experience as anything) to come up with this for the Machinist version:

Currently struggling with rectangular patterns for routable finger joints. I may just go with triangular gussets.


Hi Steve - very nice work!

I don’t get my CNC until late march or early April. Planning a couple other modifications. 1) Would like a vertical clamp to perhaps be able to do a dovetail. 2) May add the laser option later in the year, so might modify the enclosure plexiglas to be able to have laser light blocking panels rather than clear. Not sure how much that would cost but am starting to investigate.