My CNC journey starts here I suppose

First post here. Not a whole lot to post yet actually. I have about two weeks until I can order my machine…an X50 woodworker. Even though I have almost ZERO interest in wood working. But I’m getting damn excited.

A brief introduction…I design parts and pieces for radio controlled (RC) cars and trucks, I design and build complete RC cars, I do custom wiring jobs, and I have some 1:1 automotive projects I hope this machine can help with. For the last 10-12 years I’ve been designing the parts I need and outsourcing production. Long story short, in that time I could have bought a dozen of these machines with what I’ve paid for sub-par parts that don’t meet my expectations and crappy attitudes from garage “machinists”. That ends soon!

Grabbed a file off Etsy for ball screw wipers last night. The first “upgrade”. And I just so happen to have my buddy’s Artillery Sidewinder X1 here for a proper calibration and tuning. And he brought a roll of TPU for me to play with in exchange.

So, I guess this is where it all begins…thanks for having me and dropping something better than the X-Carve I foolishly almost bought last year. :call_me_hand:


What I’ve got on my must-haves list so far…

X50 Woodworker w/their black box and 8" screen
3 axis touch probe
wireless joystick setup
4’ cable extensions
Breakout board adapter
80mm spindle mount

Huanyang 1.5KW 110V spindle/VFD combo (I’m limited to 110V in my garage).

@Tuvix72 ball screw wiper files off Etsy

And I’m in the planning stages of designing my own fixture table so I can have it machined, and a good sized enclosure to put it all in.

Don’t the machines come with wipers already? If I buy the Etsy wipers, does that reduce the cutting area?

They do come with some form of wipers. But it’s more of a shaft guide than a wiper really. And these machines still have a bit of an issue with stuff winding up stuck in there. Like most ball screw machines. I had never given a loss of travel any thought honestly. I really only needed a 20x20 machine. This 32x32 is so large I’m not worried if I do lose 1/4" on each end.

For me, I plan to do a lot of aluminum, carbon, and G10. I don’t want to risk things getting packed with composite dust and debris. Carbon itself is very abrasive and will start killing things in short order. Same reason I’m jumping to a spindle out of the box. Carbon dust, even with collection or a water bath, will eventually kill anything left unsealed.

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Congratulations, you won’t regret this machine!!

Let me know if you run into any issues with printing the wipers. I’ve been using Sainsmart TPU myself.

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Still have to wait until I can order my machine. But I’ve been cleaning, sorting, and organizing the garage…just a single car garage, two 110 outlets wired to a single 30 amp breaker, freezer and light already running off that. Should be fun. :rofl:

My next step is some proper shelving and a steel chemical storage cabinet. The shelves will allow me to get some of the tools, camping gear, and family stuff that is in totes up off the floor and out of the way. The chemical storage cabinet is necessary for obvious reasons. Don’t think I need to cover fire safety today…or my prior lack of. I’m a bad boy, I know. Shame on me. :pensive:

Once my woodworker shows up I’ll find a “kind of” flat spot on my garage floor to lay out a disposable waste board to cut pieces for my enclosure and a few tool storage racks. Then all the crackhead shelves the previous tenants left will be removed and disposed of. Unfortunately, I’ve lived here going on 12 years and have never done anything with them myself. Until now, the garage was nothing more than crap storage because it’s too small to actually work on cars. And because I don’t normally have time to do much but grab-n-go when I need something. Excuses really…

Anyway, getting somewhere. Finally. Hope the story of my laziness prompts somebody else to light a fire up under their ass and start making moves toward a better life. For themselves and their family. :v:

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A little “results” report on calibration and tuning of my buddy’s printer…spent a few hours today tuning. His machine was underextruding by over 20% on the default settings, his z-axis couplers weren’t adjusted correctly (stepper motor and the z axis shafts were touching end to end inside the couplers creating a lot of movement in the z axis), and I calibrated his flow rates, line widths, and layer heights. Allof this resulted in nice smooth prints that are closer to accurate than most machinists tolerances.

Now, finally time to print some ball screw wipers for the Onefinity! Also going to grab the files for the parts to build a drag chain setup. Getting exciting now!

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Oh the joys of 3D printing… woke up to this mess this morning :frowning:

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What a mess!! Unfortunately, 3D printing does not seem to have evolved at the same pace as CNC routers. I have a small 3D printer and when it works, it works pretty well. Unfortunately, some days you just can’t print anything to save your life. Not quite willing to invest in a new one yet.

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This one was totally my fault! But yeah if it’s not one thing, it’s something else…


X50 WW ordered this morning, Route1 drag chain STL files and extended cables ordered, grabbed a Craftsman 3 horse table saw off CL this morning for cutting enclosure parts, and getting ready to sit down and order my VFD/spindle and the rest of the components for my drag chain setup.

The race is on boys! Looks like I got 6-8 weeks to get all this put together, printed or built, and to get any kinks worked out. My goal is to have the machine operational and cutting parts in it’s final resting place within hours of delivery. :metal:


Can you tell me how many of each of your ball screw wipers I need for an X50? Getting ready to start printing them and I can’t seem to make sense of how many I need and where they all go. Appreciate the help!

This picture actually shows the complete set for both X-35 and X-50 machines (the top 2 pairs are for one or the other, the bottom 3 pairs fit either machine). 8 pieces total.


Here’s a video showing the install process:


Thank you. It’s been a long day and my brain is fried. So simple, though thats not what my brain was coming up with. :rofl:

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@Tuvix72 can you help me with this question:

The Y axis uses the X-35 wiper pair

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Started designing my enclosure. A few things may change still. Going to check out both MDF and birch ply sheets tomorrow AM. As well as some other necessities like hinges, vents, grommets for wiring, etc. So far, 55 parts in the model. Two things are certain…it’s going to be both expensive and solid.

48" deep internally, 54" wide internally. 72" from the floor to the trim on the roof of the enclosure. The table top for the router sits 36" from the floor. And the enclosure is already designed to sit 2" off the floor at those numbers for leveling feet that are not yet drawn. The bad news…not sure my shop vac will fit inside vertically. May have to reduce the combined table + rib height from 6" to 4" to buy myself another 2". Wonder if it will work laying on it’s side???

I sometimes wonder whether we should be considering a separate 6’x4’ shed given the size of the cnc.

The shop vacs i have known would not tolerate being anything other than vertical. It would however be a quick experiment. Stick the shop vac outside in its own sound proofed box?


Seriously though…:rofl:

Yeah, most just end up piling debris up right next to the filter if you lay them over. If the tipover ball thing is still inside them it just seals the exhaust off, rendering the vac useless anyway. I may just end up putting it outside the enclosure. Pretty well set on a 36" work surface height, and the 2" under the enclosure for leveling feet is a non-negotiable due to the condition of my garage floor…must be able to level and square things. But I have 24" in the cubby underneath…I think my vac will fit. Just haven’t made it to the garage to measure.

I did notice a boo-boo last night that had to be fixed. Unfortunately, that meant redrawing the whole model. Fortunately though, it goes quick on V2. Anyway, almost the same, just a little different. If you guys see any other errors, don’t be afraid to speak up. I’m just a grease monkey car guy…I have no idea what I’m doing with wood. :wink:

Just ran down and measured…my Home Depot special Ridgid 9 gallon unit measures 22" tall to the handle on the top of the motor. With the wheels. I was stressing nothing. As usual…:man_facepalming:t2:

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