Think I'm ready to Go

I think I’m only thing I’m Missing is my Onefineity

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Rob, looks great! what materials were used in the making of your enclosure? Did you include access for dust/vac lines?

Looks great. What is the size of the enclosure? and where do you intend to loate the controller and touch screen? and same question as Nick Walter - how will you do dust control? I would love to get the plans for your enclosure.

Looking good Rob, 1 step closer.
I have decided to wait to do any building of my set up until the machine arrives because I’m still not sure on what I want. However, looking at all of the designs people are coming up with I believe it will be something much like that. Nice work

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I’m trying something new to me. I’ve decided not to hook the machine up to my regular Harbor Freight system but instead to a dedicated Central Vac Line with 2 inch piping. The design for the table was from Samcraft and the enclosure was from
Rilesy on you Tube, links at the bottom. My enclose is 52 inches wide 48 inches deep and 28 inches high. The sides against the wall are permanent and the side to the outside of the room and top are removable in case I need to move the table for larger projects. All pieces of the enclosure are made with 1x4s and Roxwell sound guard insulation.