I think I might be missing something?

So now I know why Onefinity give such a long lead time, so you can clear away part of your workspace in anticipation for its arrival!
Hope my 1F will be shipping next week (22nd Feb) then another week or so to get over the pond to the UK.

Anyway here is my attempt at an enclosure :crossed_fingers: It all fits, drag chains and T-track waiting!!!


Nice job, very simple design!

@BeerMedic522 thanks still working out the slide and hide door for the front and the side door (probably won’t use much) simply hinges up.

Want to keep it fairly simple as most of my money went on 1F and amana bits :grin:


Looks good Gary. What did you opt for as an interior size? I assume the controller will be mounted under the enclosure?

I’m also in the batch for Feb 22 - but haven’t finished a table yet.


50 x 48 inch bed so hopefully fit with drag-chain down the side and yes controller will sit underneath

Hi Gary, what did you use for the ‘windows’, i assume Perspex an if so how thick, im looking at doing something similar for mine but want to keep the router noise down (shipping 2nd May) hopefully, also would be interested to know when yours actually turns up ie if it is a couple of week after the shipping date (im also in the UK so be good to know real time-scales), many thanks

@Oakworx the windows are from old server room cabinet doors so are toughened glass had to us what I could get hold of!

I will let you know when I receive

Hi Gary,
Great job! I see your large screen, what is it? The panic button is there because the controller is underneath? It is nice and bright inside. I really like it, what are you doing for storing all those amana bits :+1:t3:
Thank you so much for posting the photos

Hi @Dustydave
cheap LEDs make everything bright but they can be dimmed! I have a tool chest below the table which i will store my amana bits was going to construct some sort of tray once i get my 1F.
after reading many many posts and watching youtube it seem a ESTOP would be a must, i have the breakout board which i might hook it up to but i might just put inline to the power extension

48x48 will give you enough for to hold drag chains 50x48 is a better deal will give you enough room to place dust extraction behind the Y axis foot. i built a 48x48 so i had to run my dust extraction off the table. its just clamped to the side of the table

@Dustydave sorry forgot to answer screen it’s a view sonic TD-1630-3 it’s 15.6” screen size

Link here

Does the touch screen work??

I will let you know when I get my machine DHL suppose to be delivering it tomorrow! But it should

Thank you so much for the link Jack

@BeerMedic522 sorry I was waiting on a USB cable which I installed this evening touch screen works OK but you need usb as well as the HDMI hope that helps

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Little update install went well, upgraded to 1.0.7 and larger buttons look good on the larger screen. No grips as yet!

First test on MDF was a Mancala game board. Very happy so far


Hello Gary, congrats on your setup.

@Jack05 Gary, if you don’t mind me asking where did you get the estop? All the ones i have found seem to be really cheap or really expensive.

Hi John

Yes I found lots of expensive ones and some very cheap rubbish.
Took a punt on the below and it is of good quality

eBay estop

To be honest only just wired it up the other day, just goes straight to power supply and cuts all power.

Hope that’s help