I've been busy preparing to receive my Onefinity!

I ordered my Onefinity the first week of May, so I’ve naturally been trying to get everything in order for when it arrives.

I ordered a X50 Journeyman and from reading here (thanks contributors!) I determined I would use a 44x64 Kreg Bench, then use 2x 3/4" Aspen plywood laminated together for the top.
I decided since I have the time, might as well dress it up a little bit (even though the top will mostly be covered by a spoilboard). I used red oak hardwood for the edges.

She’s not perfect, but I’m very happy with how it turned out. I want to note I recently moved provinces, and am working out of the single car garage. Not a tonne of room - so my table saw didn’t make it here. All cuts were done with a circular saw and guide. I wasn’t quite brave enough to try and do mitre cuts for the edges, so butt joints it is.
I used black wood dye on the top, with blue wood dye (tried to match the Kreg blue as best I could). A few costs of spray-on water poly, followed by several coats of varathane water poly.

Next I ran a new circuit and socket for the controller/router - the socket also had USB that seems to work well with my Wyze cam I’ll use to monitor things. (Shop vac will be run off a different circuit).

Wyze Cam View

Last on the list that I’ll start soon is making a sound suppressor enclosure for my shop vaccum out of MDF. Will be making a baffle for the exhaust and intake, and lining the enclosure/baffles with sound absorption foam. I’ll likely get a Cyclone sometime soon as well.

Let me know what you think, and if there’s anything else I should get ahead start on before it arrives!


I love it! There’s a definite level of artistic flare and I know that Journeyman’s going to look majestic perched atop that beauty!

I wish I had the resources to do something like this. I tossed together a very utilitarian 4x8 table constructed with 1x4 pine and a 3/4" maple plywood top (that top being about the only class this table can claim).

Very nice!

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Oh, an enclosure for the cnc itself. Seriously. I thoroughly underestimated the ability for this machine to make a monumental mess of things. Can dust extraction’s suck overcome a trim router cooling fan’s blow? I don’t even know but I do know that a trim router can definitely spread the dust.

Doing exactly that. How flat is your top?

I will add that to the list! Originally I was going to wait until I had the machine itself and see how much dust was going to be a problem.

But it seems like even with a shop vaccum hooked up to it, it’s going to get pretty bad. My better half has already started mentioning the canned drinks in the garage are dusty…from when I used the circular saw lol. I’ll start working on something…


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No worries. When designing that, consider sound-deadening as well. Most of the tests I’ve observed on youtube demonstrated that the router, while cutting, can push upwards of 100 decibels. There’s a few videos out there of guys pulling off a 40+ db reduction with reasonable efforts.

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I have no real way of telling currently - As flat as 2 sheets of plywood with some finish on top is I suppose?

Looks great. I’m working on the same. I had a Kreg table, but just picked up some longer 44" rails for the Woodworker X-50 (ordered recently). I was thinking of adding a keyboard tray and some drawers beneath the 3/4" thick plywood top. Maybe make a shelf to sit on the lower rails. Like the blue edging. Thanks.

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