Up and Running - 2 weeks Cardboard to Production

Hi all - Been in CNC for 4 years and decided to get an additional machine - OneFinity was my decision due to it’s engineering and design. In two weeks I have built the table, enclosure, dust shoeand additional electronics and box to cover filter and ventilate the electronics. Will post more pix as they come up. We are a small shop and after 4 years, the OneFinity fit right in and is producing product even better than expected. Had a few issues but the support staff has been very helpful in resolving them. Charlie


Nice to see what you have done. I’ve just completed a cable/box enclosure as well. There is a lot more to cable a management than the track along the x y axis.

You show a green board (Break out box?) and a blue board? What is this blue board and why are you using it. If you are willing to share links it would be great. I am in the process of creating a control center and also am thinking about adding cooling what did you use for filtration and is it a positive or negative pressure box?
Thank you for your time

Daryl ,
Would you please share your solutions to cable management and control center? Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.

Hi Dave - The green board is a standard DB25 break-out box which gives access to probe, e-stop, tool enable (starts your router) and other I/O from the controller/computer. The blue board is a 4 channel 5V relay board with 4ea 10A relays that can receive commands from the BOB (break-out-board) to control anything in the outside world like dust collection, pumps, fans, lights, etc. The box is positive pressure because as you know, saw-dust (especially from MDF) - is invasive. A simple muffin fan on one end which uses a snap on filter, which easily comes off to clean. The output end of the box is just wide open. As long as the fan is on (which it always is) dust will stay out. Charlie

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Dave, My cable management is (no pun intended) up in the air. Currently using zip-ties, bungee cords and duct tape. I have not addressed it as a final configuration as of yet. But, It’s on the list. Charlie

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Thank you , I will look this up it sounds like a great idea to be sure that coolant and fans are running when they
Need too. I am also looking into temp sensor for coolant to turn a radiator fan on and off as needed. Wish me luck

Is this it Charlie?

Thats the one. I have used several for different projects in the past

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