Need help with enclosure

hey guys a while back one of you posted about an enclosure you had made for your onefinity .it was made out of 2020 extrusion aluminum and had mentioned a website that you could have it cut to size. i cant seem to find that post any more and was hoping someone might remember it or knows a good site .
appreciate any help
thanks guys

I am in Canada, and decided to buy extrusions/components from 8020, which is also in USA. Their website made it easy to know exactly what I wanted and the costs. I looked up local distributors, then contacted and ordered from those - prices and stocked items varied so I suggest contacting a few. I chose those nearby (several < 30 minutes drive) to save the shipping costs.

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hi, where in GTA did you order from? thanks

I have purchased from both. They both do all the machining in house with similar lead times based on stock. Most things they get from the US in a few weeks.

Note: My largest order was with cpi, and all went well. They had slightly better pricing than ipec, but lately they (my contact) have not returned my requests for new orders, so I now have a small order with ipec. I plan to phone cpi at some point to see what happened because it is odd. Up until now they have been quick to provide and modify quotes.

If you have AutoCAD you can download all of the extrusions and hardware from 8020 draw your project and they’re program will spit out a cut list from them to produce for you including pre-drilled holes and counterbores along with pricing they do a phenomenal job. 8020 is located in Michigan

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thanks! I will check them out.


Whereabouts in MI? I wonder if it’s close enough to me to drive

Send Mike an email at <>;
he works for a Michigan based supplier. Mike is a really good guy and very helpful
I have purchased much product from him over many years.
Good luck, Rick