CNC enclosure jtech laser

I’m going to build an enclosure for my onefinity mostly to help with smoke from jtech laser. The problem I’m having is I’m looking to put in a window that is laser safe. I live in Canada and can’t find anywhere to purchase this. Any ideas of what I can use and where to find it.
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I’ve looked too. The only place I can find certified stuff is from JTech in the US and the cost with shipping to Canada is ridiculous.

For now at least I made my enclosure solid and use a camera to watch what is happening.

Have you considered scavenging parts from an existing product? I searched for laser engraver covers, for example, and there were a few that were in the $75-200 range that you might be able to take window material from.

Interesting idea, unfortunately although these cheap one are sold as eye protection I’ve not been able to find anything that shows really that they are safe. I guess people using them for a long time and not going blind may be a good indicator but I’d like to see some sort of a lab testing proof. If you look at good laser safety glasses they have the wavelengths that they protect from and the optical density value (O.D.), which is how much they reduce the light by. So these uncertified ones may have a very poor OD but can still say they are blocking laser light.

The xTool one at $195 has a 18x10 window. Jtech’s products aren’t that size, they have a larger 24x12 for $34 US (currently on sale). Their first choice for shipping to Ontario is USPS Priority Mail express at $89 so that comes out to $123 US ($167 CDN) for 2 sq-ft of plastic. Their cheapest shipping is UPS standard at $35 so a total of $68 or $94 CDN, but you are likely to get hit with their brokerage fees. Really not sure what they are now (and I can’t immediately find them on UPS’ site), but based on past experience I’d guess around $40 CDN. So that $94 option is really $134. Cheaper, slower, but still $67 a sq foot for plastic.

A $46 item becomes $134-$167 because of shipping across border. And of course there’s tax on top of that. So expensive but still cheaper than cannibalizing an enclosure.

Shipping costs don’t go up a lot if buying multiple units so if multiple are needed the cost per sheet would come down.

Shipping UPS expedited may be the best for speed and cost. I think that is one that includes all brokerage fees but I’m not sure. Doing 2 sheets and using that comes out to $148 US ($201) CDN. So $100 a sheet.

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This may be a long shot, but try a sign making shop. They order plastic sheets regularly and may have a source that could provide specialized plastics as well. A commercial glass/window place might be able to, also. F8nal thought - scientific or industrial supply houses.

An example of something from an industrial supplier with distributors in CA:

I’m trying! Its easier in the US! BTW, I cant vouch for that company. I just started googling for UV blocking film (or plastic, I’m not sure).

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Thanks for trying. Gotta make sure the protection is at the right wavelength. Lasers like these are around 455nm so that UV film would do very little.

I checked a scientific/industrial place and they seemed to want 10X what jtech wants. Jtech’s price is likely quite fair, it’s just the shipping costs are crazy.

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Thanks for all the info. A month ago I flew from Regina to Toronto for $99 taxes in. I weigh 230 lb. Not sure why it costs $120 us to ship a light hunk of acrilic. I think I’ll go with the camera idea. Thanks for the help

BTW, if you are using Lightburn software the camera serves double duty. You need to set it up as per Lightburn’s needs (i.e. Directly overhead if possible). Once set up for that you can also monitor the laser using the Camera control window or other software.

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I might be looking at it incorrectly, but I believe it it showing what gets through, not what gets blocked. Here is the full set of graphs, showing a light source’s emittance and what comes through for theirthree products. I may be wrong.

Ah yes. This now shows “(transmission)” so that is likely it.