Laser eye protection

So just took the plunge and purchased the 14w Laser from OF.

Now I know it looks like the laser shield fitted covers quite a lot of the laser but to make it safer could I put film or Perspex on my enclosure window?

So a couple of questions is it worth covering the windows of the enclosure
And if so is there special film that could be placed on the window or does it have to be special Perspex.

So not new to CNCing but new to lasers and I value my eyesight!
Any help would be much appreciated

You only need to add a filtering media to your enclosure window if you’re going to be trying to engrave something reflective to the laser light (metals as the laser is in the visible spectrum). Wood, plastic, foam, etc. won’t reflect the light as they absorb it (which is why they engrave or cut).

But if you’re worried, then you can add a layer of acrylic that is impervious to 405/445nm wavelengths. You can find some in various sizes here. Or just grab a set of laser safety glasses (make sure they’re proof against 405/445nm wavelengths - CO2 laser glasses are for 10600nm wavelength lasers and won’t provide any protection).

or here:

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