Onefinity in Canada


I think it would be good to group topics related to Onefinity accessories and options for my fellow Canadians. As the exchange rate is quite steep for US items, it would be useful to have links to bits, drag chains and other options in order to at least save on shipping fees. As I mentioned before, it would be great to know if there’s an equivalent to Pwncnc in Canada.

I would also like to know if there is a 3d printing community near Montreal, as I am wondering if it is cheaper to buy files and find someone to print the items or if it’s about the same to just order the already made items. Thanks.

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I agree, my Journeyman is arriving next thursday and I am in the process of hunting for bits. I just hate paying an additional 25% for exchange and then sometimes really crazy shipping fees and duty. I would love to know where Canucks are sourcing their bits and add ons. Finally, I do have to say I was disappointed that I could not buy this Canadian product with Canadian dollars. Yes, I understand supply chain challenges (I am in procurement for my day job) but I still think there is a better way. Even if the price list is higher in Can$ but fixed and not dependent on credit card exchange rates, it would provide a better option - at least for me.

Has anyone used the Craftex Blue Tornado bits for CNCs?

I have been at the stage of test my new ATC build on various materials for a while now, and am moving on to milling aluminum. Although wood will also make up some of my envisioned projects, I wanted to focus more on aluminum as will likely be the most demanding material milled on my Woodworker X50.

To that end, I have been spending a fair bit of time researching end mills, and specifically those that will give good results with plastics and non-ferrous metals. I have been learning about their various features (helix angles, coatings, flute number and geometry, etc…). Over time I have used this information to source out various end mills, and last week received the last (for a while) shipment.

Here are some thoughts - in no particular order:

  1. I am trying a variety of tooling (end mills, drills, thread mills) from various companies such as - Datron, Scientific Cutting Tools, YG-1, Onsrud, SpeTool, Lakeshore Carbide, Skookum, and Amana - all selected for different reasons

  2. I am in Canada (Toronto, ON) and most of these were expensive, and adding shipping costs from USA, and on top of that duties etc… they are intended to be part of my evaluation of what works well, what does not, and does higher price = better quality/performance (my guess is not always, or perhaps depending on what/how you are milling and what you are expecting). Also, I am ‘almost’ used to the not so pleasant impact of the exchange rates.

  3. I like to do a lot of digging for information, and have found some of the endmills I am looking for can be found on for less, the same, or slightly more money than from a supplier (and "free’ shipping with Prime)

  4. While sourcing components over time for my CNC build, and more recently with endmills, I have found prices can vary greatly between sources, so it pays to shop around. I have also found that larger companies with a wider presence sometimes have better shipping rates - sometimes - but it seems these costs have gone up a fair bit over time

  5. If the purchase is time sensitive, it pays to email/contact the supplier. I prefer suppliers that list current end mill inventory on their website, but I have found out they are not always accurate.

  6. One thing I have gotten in the habit of doing when I find an end mill I think I want to try is find out where their distributors are located. Once I have that I check out their line cards to see which other end mill manufacturers they carry. I realize I am fortunate (?) to live in the GTA, so often I have found distributors that I can drive to for pick up, or have shipping that is not too extreme (compared to the aforementioned). This strategy (distributor/line card lists) has helped me find local/Canadian, which is always my first choice, within reason

  7. Finally the OP’s question addressed. Here are a few Canadian manufacturers I have thus far found:
    Skookum - End Mills | Cutting Tools | Carbide End Mills | Canada
    Minicut International - Company Profile | Minicut
    Castelar Tools -

I have thus far only purchased from Skookum. I looked for stock in the Winnipeg warehouse. Ordered the Nov. 7th, shipped the 9th, arrived the 14th after the weekend - $18 Canada Post shipping.

Maybe we can move/create a specific forum topic for Canadian made/supplied end mills.

I will have a few videos ready in the next week or so showing aluminum milling results with various end mills/tool paths for those interested.


Great links. That’s exactly what is needed. I look forward to more info on milling aluminum.

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I found another Canadian end mill manufacturer.

De Boer Tools - De Boer Tools - founded in 1996 and manufactured in Mississauga, Ontario.

I will try them in the future.

Hi. Any luck on the bit hunting side? How do you like your Journeyman? Mine won’t be coming for a few more weeks yet, which will give me time to reorganize my shop, build a table and look at a few software options.

Salut Jean-Claude! I’m still relatively new to CNC but I’ve been using Spetools bits to get my feet wet. They aren’t overly expensive and so far they have been working out pretty well. Got them from Amazon.

I’m sure you can find plenty of people around you who do 3d printing too… but if you are ever stuck feel free to reach out. I’m in between Ottawa and Montreal.

Thanks. Where about more exactly? I’m near Valleyfield, so we’re probably quite close to one another. I will check out the Spetools bits.

I’m in Plantagenet Ontario. I’ve been to Valleyfield often, my brother lives in the area.

I went with Spetools after it was recommended several times as a great beginner options on the forums and the Facebook group.