Bits. Which ones and where to get in Canada

I’m brand new to CNC and was wondering what you more experienced people out there recommend for bits. Is there a good kit of bits to purchase out there to get me started? Are there any decent Canadian bit retailers? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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I too am new to all of this. and hope some with more experience will weigh in. But after many hours of reading comments and reviews, I am looking at a General Purpose set with two other bits as my starter set, unless I learn something new.

Freud 8 Piece CNC Router Bit General Purpose Set #87-208
Freud 1/4" Shank Mortising Bit 1 1/4" x 1/2" #16-106
Freud 5.4ºx 1/16" Tapered Ball Tip #72-400

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I am new as well. Ben at Meyers woodshop had some great suggestions. Here is the link to his amazon page. I was thinking of going in this direction to start off

The types of bits you will need is essentially completely dependent on the types of materials you are cutting and the things you are making.

If you are just learning, do not go all in and buy the most expensive bits. Get some good quality bits, but something that won’t break the bank if it gets destroyed (broken or burnt - this will happen, it’s inevitable). Then move on to those fancy Specktra coated compression bits :wink:

My general are recommendations:

A spoil board flattening bit can be helpful, as well as a variety of other v-cutters (1/4" diameter, 1" diameter, 45 degree, 22.5 degree, etc.).

If you are doing 3d cutting/shaping, then ball end mills will be required to get that nice surface finish.

Hope this helps!