Bit types for first purchase

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone could share what would be a good set of bits for first time using a CNC machine? I’ve heard the terms up cut, down cut, v bits, etc… Is there a good recommended starter set for multiple uses?


Hi Aaron - it really depends on what projects you want to work on (check out my videos on bits and CNC hidden costs).

For standard 2.5d milling, this is my “short” list":

Budget Bits
Small Diameter Bit Set
1/32", 2 Flute, Up Cut End Mills
1/16", 2 Flute, Up Cut End Mills
1/8", 2 Flute, Up Cut End Mills
1/8", 2 Flute, Down Cut End Mills
1/8", 1 Flute Up Cut End Mill
1/4", 2 Flute, Up Cut End Mil
1/4", 2 Flute, Down Cut End Mill
60 Degree V-Bit
90 Degree V-Bit
6-Piece Sign Making Router Bit Set

1/4", 2 Flute, Up Cut End Mill - 46315-K
1/4", 2 Flute, Down Cut End Mill - 46415-K
1/4", 1 Flute, Up Cut End Mill - 51404-K
1/4", 1 Flute, Down Cut End Mill - 51504-K
1/8", 1 Flute Up Cut End Mill, 0.125 Shank - 51410-K
1/8", 1 Flute Up Cut End Mill, 0.25 Shank - 51411-K
1/8", 1 Flute Down Cut End Mill - 51510-K
1/8", 2 Flute, Up Cut End Mill - 46127-K
1/8", 2 Flute, Down Cut End Mill - 46227-K
60 Degree V-Bit - 45705
90 Degree V-Bit - 45704
45 Degree V-Bit - 45622-K
30 Degree V-Bit - 45771-K
15 Degree V-Bit - 45611-K
45 Degree V-Bit - RC-1145
60 Degree V-Bit - RC-1148
90 Degree V-Bit - RC-1142
Sign making kit - 45, 60, 90

Hope this helps.



What kind of projects are you hoping to do when you start out?

You’re going to want a surfacing bit for your spoil-board. The Whiteside is a popular one.

I would recommend a 60° and 90° V Bit to start. You’ll also definitely want some 1/4 inch End Mills. I personally really like my compression bit (it’s like a down/up combo) but I’ve also got some down and up cut versions as well.

This was the starter set I went with but be aware that these are some of the more expensive bits you can get. There are cheaper options available and it might make sense to have some cheap ones on hand if you’re worried about breaking the good ones.

Onefinity does sell a couple of bit sets, and you can find similar from Carbide3D and Sienci

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Great list, Tom! Thanks for posting.

Thanks fellas. Good list!. I will start simple until I get the hang of it, but primary use will be guitar bodies and necks.

Hey @abwilliams16 i have been carving (basic carves) for about the last 7-8 months and I have all 1/4 spetool bits. I am not doing high volume production work just yet but I do production work. I have never had a problem with any of my spetool bits. I once ran a v bit Into a clamp…. Poor clamp but the bit was still good. I may look into some upgrades on the bits I frequent most but you can get good bits from spetool and they will not break the bank.

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Like @Kneepit SpeTools makes some great starting bits. I recommend the set below and the Amana RC-2248 surfacing bit. Than just buy the bits as you need them. (I like ToolsToday, because they are fast and not going to get knockoffs.

I purchased some other bits when I first started and I haven’t even touched them yet… As @cyberreefguru it really depends on what you are going to do.

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Thanks John,

I have that exact set in my cart, waiting for the CNC to arrive. Glad to know I am on the right path!

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