CNC bits brand recommendations

I am a woodworker new to CNC. I am researching new router bits I will need. As with most tools you get what you pay for but I am looking for brand recommendations for good quality\durability at a good price. Thanks in advance for sharing your experience in advance!


Just adding a comment so I keep track of the recommendations as I am new to the cnc world.

From my bits video:

Budget Bits ($):
Small Diameter Bit Set -
1/32", 2 Flute, Up Cut End Mills -
1/16", 2 Flute, Up Cut End Mills -
1/8", 2 Flute, Up Cut End Mills -
1/8", 2 Flute, Down Cut End Mills -
1/8", 1 Flute Up Cut End Mill2 -
1/4", 2 Flute, Up Cut End Mill -
1/4", 2 Flute, Down Cut End Mill -

Higher End Bits ($$$):
1/4", 2 Flute, Up Cut End Mill -
1/4", 2 Flute, Down Cut End Mill -
1/4", 1 Flute, Up Cut End Mill -
1/4", 1 Flute, Down Cut End Mill -
1/8", 1 Flute Up Cut End Mill -
1/8", 1 Flute Down Cut End Mill -
1/8", 2 Flute, Up Cut End Mill -
1/8", 2 Flute, Down Cut End Mill -
60 Degree V-Bit -
90 Degree V-Bit -



Onefinity Supports from All the bit packages in the accessories section are from bitsbits. I have only had my OF for about a month (first CNC) and i have to say if i have a question about bits. Bitsbits dont seam to mind if you call them with a question about bits. Im just sticking with bitsbits because of this. and i have not broke any yet so they seam to be giving me correct info:)

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Thanks for the very informative input! I have visited the suggest sites and I see very valuable sources for my needs. I appreciate your time and effort!!

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I have the recommended set from 2 moose from the shop, 2 cheap sets off of amazon and I also purchased this set of amana bits

It didn’t take many projects to realize you get what you pay for. The amana bits give a much better cut with a less tear-out and smaller scalpings hands down over any of my other bits.


Also I would add as a beginner CNC it became apparent quickly that you will need at least one upcut and one downcut spiral mill end, one 1/8 mill end, a large and a small ball nose, a 90 and 60deg v bit, a fine point or engraving bit, and finally a surfacing bit. These are the basics that I found for most of the stuff I have wanted to do so far.

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I completely agree with the quality of Amana bits. I have the AMS-177-K set and they stay sharp. I have abused my 60 degree V bit with lots of MDF. It’s still going strong.

Now, with that said, I have had really good results with a Chinese brand from Amazon. If you want to save a bit of money, look for the Spetool brand. I have used their tapered ball nose bits with great success. I believe I paid about $17 for a 2mm tip. I have also used their O Bits for cutting plexiglass.


I just ordered this set for my first go once my 1F shows up. But what is the recommended set that 2Moose you referenced?

This is the 2 Moose set from Onefinity

A recommended spoilboard surfacing bit: This 1.25" cutting diameter Freud bit. Well-made and 25% wider cutting diameter than most other spoilboard bits, so you can cut more area faster.

Freud 1-1/4" (Dia.) Mortising Bit with 1/4" Shank (16-106)

Find it at your favorite retailer.


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We’re you able to find the Freud .tool file or are you using your own feed speeds based on prior knowledge? I bought the Amana bit set as they and Whiteside actually had the .tool file for fusion360 and vcarve.

I really wanted to keep the Freud bits but I was unable to locate the tool database and a call to Freud a month and a half ago left a bad taste in my mouth as I a still waiting for a call back.

These are 2 awesome videos on speeds feeds and bit setting problems.