Where to buy bits

i just bought a onefinity cnc machine and i would like to know a reliable source to buy cnc bits in canada. does anybody have any input?

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Amana bits at Tools Today. You can also use Amazon and you’ll find Tools Today as a seller and get the same price. (But if you go direct you can sometimes save 10%). Excellent return policy as well

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I recently purchased from Tools Today. I bought a $60CAD bit, and paid half of that again with shipping and duties/taxes/fees - so not inexpensive. Delivery was very fast to Toronto, ON. My plan is to invest in what are considered high quality name brand bits, but also purchase less expensive bits both for comparison and for the savings in cost.

I’ve found Tools Today to be a bit too pricey but have bought from them when they have a big enough discount. Watch for a least a 10% off sale otherwise I look elsewhere.

Of course we all have bought from Amazon.

But here’s my three favorites, in no particular order, and I will buy from them again.

Bits and Bits https://bitsbits.com/
Skyone CNC https://skyonecnc.com/
Cadence https://www.cadencemfgdesign.com/


Lakeshore Carbide .COM, great quality, best selection and very good price.

I have had very good experiences with both the quality and customer service from both Bits&Bits company and Cadence Mfg which makes the “Jenny” Bits that are available through Onefinity itself. I highly recommend both places.

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thanks for all the suggestion to all. I am in BC Canada. does anyone know of a place in BC?

being i am new to CNC. i am having a hard time knowing what the right bit for the material along with feed, speed and chipload. does anyone know or a chart that can help me out with this?

I am probably as new as yourself. My strategy is to find out what I want to make then dive deep into all available information on the topic/process. Invariably you will be made aware of best practices with respect to not only materials and feeds and speeds, but also recommended bits for the various operations needed.

Here’s a video on bits that I found helpful.

I have bought some bits from Garrett Fromme at IDC Woodcraft in the past & present. He supplies good quality bits at very good prices. He also has many youtube training videos which i have found extremely helpful. He even offers one on one support via zoom which for a green beginner, such as I, was an excellent way to gain knowledge a little faster. Tons of info about the world of CNC from a fellow CNCer you can’t go wrong. Just my 2cents!


Hi Tom,

If you are in the GVRD, give www.ultimatetools.ca a try. They are located at 3847 1st Ave. Burnaby, BC. V5C 3V6. I have no affiliation to them, I was just trying to find a Canadian supplier as well.

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Try Ultimate Tools. They’re in BC.

Does anyone know where to buy the drag chain for my woodworker?

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Should probably start a different thread about this but there are also posts in the forum that you should be able to find if you search for them. I got mine off of Amazon.

Sienci Labs in Toronto. They make the Longmill CNC machine, but they also sell cnc bits etc. Doesn’t take too long to get and price is not bad while quality is good. I’ve also bought from Skyone and IDC and I am happy with both. I’m in Vancouver, so I may explore Ultimate tools…there’s also AVIDCNC tools in Seattle, haven’t tried them but may do so in the future.


I was buying cheaper bits on Amazon but find a lot of them wear out fairly quickly. I just recently bought a few from Tools Today to try out. They have vbits that have inserted carbide inserts so you only need to buy the inserts going forward.
They are a bit more expensive but they cut cleanly and last longer. Also you can download their tool database for vetric and fusion 360 right into your software, which has all the cutting speeds and feeds already set up. You may need to adjust some settings depending on what you are cutting but it is very convenient.

We use LMT-Onsrud bits at my school and my past workplace was big on Leuco.
Highly recommend the LMT-Onsrud bits, have used both wood and metal endmills from them.

Here is a list of brands I have heard good things from, but have not used them myself:

  • Amana
  • Whiteside
  • Freud
  • Eagle America
  • SpeTool

Hope this was helpful!

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I have had very good results with Whiteside brand spiral up and spiral down bits
Two flute are my favorite ones
They are mid range in price
Homer 57

Also Felder Machinery in Nanaimo.