Jenny Bits Announcement

So Onefinity Announces “Jenny Bits”, how do they stack up or compare to the industry standard like the Amana’s?

Seem pricy, umm I want commission :stuck_out_tongue:


The ‘per bit’ pricing seems on par with North American manufactured bits. The reviews by many have been favorable, while some others have said the bits are not providing anything ‘new’ with respect to their geometry/material/coating etc. I am new to CNC, and am still waiting on my machine, but plan to purchase a variety of bits from different manufacturers and at different price points. I think that is the only way I will know their true value for the work I plan to do (and mistakes I will no doubt be making).

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I might order a Jenny or two, just to test them out…

I plan to do the same

The prices are actually pretty good! The 1st one is a set and the others are for double packs. Cheaper then other bits I’ve purchased.

I received all three of these bits today, and the two straight bits are fantastic, although I went a little too aggressive with the 1/4" bit (.25/pass in baltic was a fairly loud experience). I haven’t used the carving bit yet.

Mitz did a review of the skinny jenny bit.

Mitz youtube skinny jenny bit

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They are on par with other upper end bits from other manufacturers. Price point is also on par for equivalent bits from other manufacturers. They don’t really add anything new but perform well. I don’t think you can go wrong with these, Amana or R.I.P. They all have similar offerings around the same price points.


Is there a Vectric Tool Database import file available for the “The Jenny” Infinite Possibilities set?

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I’m brand-new to CNC – I have the machine set up, am building the spoilboard with T-track and I purchased the Jenny 3 set.

What I haven’t figured out yet is whether the 1/4 inch Jenny is an upcut or downcut spiral.

Just ordered the Elaire 1/8 collet this morning. I’m being very careful and methodical before starting any projects. While I’m pretty handy on the lathe, CNC is an entirely different animal.


Hey Chris,

I hope this will help you.



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The qtr inch is a compression bit (upcut at the bottom & downcut thru the rest). That’s in the specs toward the bottom of the page.

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That’s a tremendous help, Neil. Thank you.

It would be AMAZING if someone who had the JENNY bits programed into vetric already would Save the .tool file and share it :wink: HINT HINT

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Did you ever find an import .tool file for these bits? I have the 3 pack and would love to find the file if it exists?

You have to put them in manually but here’s what you need.

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Sorry, no one has created it.