Thought I’d share my enclosure

I took a lot of ideas from many people, added some of my own and came up with this. All made from 3/4 plywood and 4x4s. The interior is lined with Dynaliner from Dynamat for sound proofing. Not the cheapest way to go about it but is easy to clean and works great. The base is insulated from the table top to help with vibrations. Used 4 gas pistons to help lift the top which is very heavy from the dynaliner, double acrylic window and the 24 inch monitor that lifts with the top. 4 drawers and rolling bottom shelf that extends all the way out. Many details that I’m leaving out but don’t want to over due it. Love how it turned out and love my onefinity.


It looks like you hit the post button before your pictures got a chance to finish uploading. You can edit (click on the pencil) your post and reupload so folks can see what you’ve done.

Thanks for the heads up

Looks awesome. I think your colour scheme will be louder than the Makita.

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Very nice!
How large did you make the table?
You have a lot of light built into the enclosure. Do you think the Light Ring on the router is still necessary?

Curious why you lifted the monitor too, wont use it to jog around while the top is open or troubleshoot something? Seriously that box is GREEN! Nice work! How well does the dynamat work for you?

I forget what size I made the table but I left 5 inches on all sides I’ll measure next time I get a chance.

I put the monitor up there because I didn’t have enough space anywhere else. It’s also great for seeing all the info while cutting. However you’re right when it comes to jogging and setting a z height. I have to open and close to see what I’m doing. I’m going to be adding a extra small screen inside the enclosure just to see what I’m doing while setting up.


Finally added my extra “little monitor” inside the enclosure. Put it behind plexi-glass to keep the dust out. Used a hdmi splitter so both monitors work simultaneously. Could be considered overkill but I like it.

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Double whammy? Hey, how effective is the sound proofing?

Very effective, you can sit and watch a movie while cutting no problem. You can get the same effect with other materials like stacked towels, but this was simpler and much easier to keep clean.

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