Just finished CNC enclosure

Hey guys, here is my (almost) finished 1F enclosure

I have a dedicated cubby for the shop vac with a cyclone separator that keeps the noise down considerably.

The enclosure is made entirely out of BeetleKill Pine- I rescued if from being thrown out at work. The window is a quarter inch acrylic and the lights are LED strip lights - I made my connections with solder and wire to get them to where I wanted them

The door is held up on by a simple pulley system that makes it one handed. I used old weights so I could adjust the weight desired by simply manipulating the plates. I bought some gas struts but got the wrong brackets and became frustrated after about an hour and gave up. Lol.

T track hold downs. Suck it dust boot. Drawers for all the accessories. Simple screen mount. Haven’t figured out what I want to do with the controller yet so that’s why that’s on a milk crate currently

Thanks for checking it out


I’m only allowed one pic per post, so here is another


Nice work Steve - love the weathered wood.

Where did you end up putting your screen at?

I just mounted it on my garage wall outside of the enclosure

Thank you

I do construction and this was all shipping crates for some giant water heaters. They were going to throw it all out and upon looking at it further - I realized it was all BeetleKill Pine

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What is the black material on the inside? Is it for sound deadening?

Yes. It’s 1/2” thick rubberized foam. It does a great job at making this real quiet

Cool invention! I need to save the idea for future.