Recommendations for enclosure?

I have rendering of what an enclosure I would like to build for my woodworker (when it gets here :grin:).
Its a pretty simple design, double doors in the front, possible side hatch for maintenance access and getting the machine situated, dust collection port. I’m planning on using 3/4" baltic birch & 1/4" plexiglass for the construction. I really need the router to reduce the noise of the router which is 80-90db and that’s not cutting anything. Containing the dust and chips is another big plus. Any tips or considerations from those of you that have experience using your enclosure? Anything you would recommend I change or incorporate in the design to achieve a decently quiet machine? I have some weather stripping I might install on the doors if its needed. Thanks. Getting really excited have my hands on this machine!


What are you using for dust extraction? DC or shop vac? I found my enclosure reduces sound of the router quite a bit and contains dust, but my shop vac produces more noise than the router cutting through material.
I’ve now got the Journeyman and have built a new table for it. I haven’t yet made a new enclosure for it yet but will most likely do that soon. I’ve installed a DC system and mounted it outside my shop so that should help tremendously with noise.

I have a DC on order but its backordered so I will probably have to deal with the shopvac for now until it gets here. Not too big of deal since I don’t think I will be doing any long carvings right away. Since I would like the inside to be white I might look into a paint that is made for sound deadening or absorption. Still need to decide on lighting as well. Do you use a hose boom inside your enclosure? I was thinking if I get a hose that self retracts I wouldn’t be needed? I have seen your design Mitz and Its really cool! Thank you.

Here is the hose boom I used in my enclosure from Route1WoodDesign. Link to the Etsy shop is in description of video.
Review video

If you want to see it mount and working, here’s the link: (at 4:51 in the video)


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