First projects - fantastic results

I got my Onefinity yesterday and am upgrading from a self-built MPCNC. Ran a previously-designed project on the Onefinity as the first project and was blown away by the accuracy and speed. I was able to push both the speed and load without sacrificing any quality!

I expect a LOT more items, including rocking horses for children and a bunch of jewelry box type items with inlays, relief carvings, etc.

Just one complaint: neither the Machinist nor the Woodworker are the right size. I really want a 32"X16" cutting space, which is the hybrid. I may solve this with a friend where we order one of each…


I was condifering an hybrid 32"x16" as well. Currently have an MPCNC.

Where are you located?

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Im in portland,or. There is one advantage to the smaller size: its portable. We are traveling to another state to help with a new baby and it packs very well. Do you have one already?