Hybrid Model...the "Wood-nist"?

Any plans to offer a 3rd model the “Wood-nist” that combines the X from the Woodworker and the Y from the Machnist? I have an existing bench from for another CNC that I would love to save and the Woodworker model is too deep for my bench. Since both X and Y hardware from the other 2 model already exist it should just be a BOM alternative with maybe a few cabling adjsutment?
Let me know if possible…I would be definately interested…even if you only make 1 for me :wink:

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What if you bought 2 machinists and put them side by side. Then you will have something close.
Am i not right ? :grin:

I think that’s an excellent idea, one I had considered for some time. If they ever offer, say, a 48" woodworker X upgrade (which many have requested), there would automatically be a secondary market demand if someone wanted to sell their original woodworker X rails & screw.

Ahh, no. Not right.

It gets a little expensive…and I don’t think it would work bacuse I cannot add to short X’s together to make it longer. Right?
I would need to buy 1 x Woodwarker and 1 x Machinist but again…it is ever more expensive and there is no garantee that somebody would want to buy an hybrid even @ discounted price.

It was of course just a joke.
But the idea of buying a Woodmaker and a Machinist, should actually work because after you combine them, you would get 2 differents hybrids but that would actually work on the same surface. And you resell one. To be continued…

If at some point hopefully in the not too far distant future when Onefinity is caught up with orders, maybe they will start selling parts. Then all you’d need are 3 woodworker rails & a ballscrew. Certainly cheaper than a whole 2nd machine. I always liked the configuration of a longer x axis. I’d love to extend mine out to a full 24" cut.

I have even investigated just buying some 1m rails and ball screw shaft and retrofitting the short x axis myself. That appears to be doable with a longer coiled wire also. Of coure, doing two hybrid out of a Machinist and a Woodworker is the easiest. I believe this would be even more popular than either current configurations. 32 x 16 would be ideal for me.

A friend and I are looking into doing this. We are waiting to hear back about endstop settings, software issues and if the warranty will still be valid.