New to CNC planning to purchase one

Hello, I am David. I am planning to purchase a CNC in a few months. The 1F keeps coming up during my searches. I have a acquaintance at Digital Woodcarver and was also considering that too as I know him. But the 1F looks like it is more structural in a couple areas. I don’t know about the electrical systems one either unit though. I’m still not sure what size I want. It is just for hobby. I’m not planning to sell a bunch of items but may some along the way. I might could do the 16 x 16 one but might go up to the 32 x 32. Prefer the 32 I suppose. I’ll have to consider shop room.
I am using the trial version of Vectric Pro trying to learn to design some. I have traced a case knife emblem and a name sign or two, but have not machined anything yet. I couldn’t anyway with the trial version. But I will probably use Vectric in the long run.
How do you find these units when you first set them up. Aside from operator issues, do they typically do well out of the box. It seems that the service guys are responsive from what I read, and I actually emailed and ask a question and was replied to very quickly.
Want to say hey and that I look forward to CNC in the near future.


I had a quick look at the DW machines. My personal opinion - I own a modified 1F Woodworker and Masso controller - is that although the price includes Vectric software and a router, the rest will not be as rigid or perform to the same degree at all compared to 1F CNCs. Two quick video/image observations are the smaller rail sizes, and it appears to use lead screws (at least the Z axis seems to based on the videos). I also read 100"/min max for one of the machines which is low compared to what people are doing with their Onefinity CNCs.

The new Elite series are now out, and although more expensive (I recommend the Woodworker size machine vs the Machinist of the two that you mention) and a longer wait time, in my opinion offer the much better value and will provide a much more capable foundation to start you off. There are other advantages to the Onefinity offerings, both original and Elite versions, but I will leave that to you to discover through more research (or when other happy owners add to the discussion).

As far as set up, check out the Onefinity YT channel, or other owner videos, to see the ease of set-up. It may not be a big advantage of the DW machines when all things are considered.

The Onefinity is a much more robust machine and can do thing much more accurately and faster.
The Woodworker(32”x32”) is the machine I started out with and have since upgraded to the Journeyman (32”x48”). In my opinion, the woodworker size is the optimal size for the new hobbyist who may or may not venture into selling products.
I looked at other machines until I ran across the Onefinity. The design, speed, accuracy and repeatability of this machine is what convinced me and glad I went this route. No regrets whatsoever after 2-1/2 years


In just the appearance alone it looks so much more beefy that all the others that I have seen in my quest for this. Even the smaller x30 one looks stronger than most I see.
I was just looking on this site at a used one in Atlanta GA. It was 16 x 32 though. I really will have to decide how much room I have in my shop. I have wood and metal working machines in there and it is kind of crowded. But this has always interested me and I think I would really enjoy CNC.

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