My First Project on my New 1Finity

Had my machine for about a week or so and other than doing my spoil board I just finished my first project that was partially done on the CNC. I wanted to make a chess board for my dad so we can play when I visit. However, I knew if I made him something big he would put it somewhere out of the way and it would never get used. I also knew that if I didn’t include storage for the pieces he would inevitably lose them. So I came up with what you see in the pics. I CNC’ed the chess silhouettes into the bottom of the two halves and CNC’ed some pockets for magnets. I also used the CNC to surface the boards so everything is nice and flat and comes together nicely. I am completely new to this and learned so much. Also had a blast using my machine. Thank you Ben Myers forthe very public break up with your old CNC otherwise I would not have found OneFinity.


Hey Roberto… Amazing job! Let us know what your dad thinks. Make sure you let him win at least one game… LOL. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Talk soon…

Roberto… wow… amazing. thank you for sharing such a thoughtful project.

That looks amazing great job

Very nice, well done.

Thanks so much for the nice comments yall. It’s been a fun learning experience!