My First CNC Carve

I picked up my Onefinity CNC last week. i have no prior CNC experience. I’ve been trying out Easel as my design software, it seems alright, but I have a feeling I’ll quickly outgrow it’s capabilities. This design is not my own, it was something I found on the Inventibles project site. I just wanted something quick and easy to try out the machine and get an idea of its capabilities. I also needed something to store all my loose guitar picks. I have also realized how badly I need the dust boot.


Nice!! Very nice!! :sunglasses:

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Looks great, i am awaiting mine and new to cnc as well.

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Awesome! my first carve was a guitar charcuterie board

it’s worth the wait!

that’s wicked! :metal: :metal:

Nice it appears you have a jointer already by the looks of your glue up or did someone else glue it up for you or perhaps the table saw method
Never the less it’s beautiful

Thank you! I do have a jointer, I’ve been doing woodworking for quite some time, so glue ups and such are second nature. The CNC is a new shop addition to further expand what I can build for clients.


Amen I’m sure it will

Very nice - I may have to go look for that file - my guitar picks are everywhere but where they should be!

I’m also adding the CNC to an already pretty full shop - looking forward to combining the tools on a project.

Thats why i made it, piles of picks on my desk!

That is cool. I wonder if I should make those for the local music shops to hold picks in with my contact info underneath for potential orders?

Beautiful work! How thick is the blank you glued up??

it was about an inch thick. I usually have a few blanks ready to go for boards and such. Always made up from scrap cutoffs.