CNC 1F cabinet with a vertical cut option Pictures included

Here are some pictures of my cnc 1F cabinet. It has the ability to do both flat and vertical cuts. All the hardware was purchased from Amazon or onefinity. I used 3/4" paint grade maple plywood for the whole cabinet. MDF for the spoil board. I used Reddog spoil board design and had to modify it just a little bit. Mostly just had to cut out using a multi tool saw to cut the removable spoil board and T track part that’s for the vertical mount. The rest of the cut out was framed in the construction. The front blue T track locks in the removable part flat and always in the correct position

The table size is 53" x 53" It works great.


Very Nice Keith. Looks well thought out. Maybe whenever you have a project to do using the vertical station you could upload a short video and show it in use.

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will do that very soon

Looks nice! This is on my list of modifications to make soon.

I’d be interested in learning about your process to get the vertical work holding perfectly perpendicular to the cutting head. Anything more advanced than a framing square over the edge?


I flatten my spoil board so when the edge of the board is either flush with the spoil board or a board laying on the spoil board it is always lined up. The t Track that is in the vertical position I add a stop block to make it easier to flip it over and realign.

Outstanding! One major issue I can see though…its in your shop and not mine.


Great cabinet.
How did you wire the toggle/rocker switches? Really want to use toggles but can find little info on how to do it.

This looks amazing!
How do you make sure the piece is true to the machine in both left and right direction and front to back?

i used the house rocker switches because they are cheap and easy to wire. I took a multiplug strip from harpor freight and took it apart. i then wired the plugs to different switches. That allowed me to plug in the router to and outlet on the strip and them plug in the controller into another outlets, I then was able to plug in the laser to another outlet on the strip. The rewiring was easy with the push in connections on the strip outlets. I did have to purchase wire to make the runs from the outlets to the switches. Only had to run the black hots. The white neutral wire was common to all outlets. (one wire) I’m going to label the switches. thanks for the questions

The lining up on the spoil board is easy The spoil board is installed squared up with the machine. plus I used Reddog spoil board design. As for the vertical part, the clamping surface is inline with the machine. The setting the height just use a piece of wood to line up with the top of the spoil board. Both edges left and right. its that easy

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Q1: I’m probably not wording my question clearly but how deep (-Z) can the bit reach for cutting on the edge of a piece held vertically?

Q2. Can/Did you use the 1F to cut the spoil board and table top so that the cut would be aligned with X and Y?

3rd Stupid question: What is a Reddog spoil board ?

Answer for Q3: Spoil board system

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