Minimum table size journeyman

I have a journeyman on route and am curious as to the smallest table I can get away with, assuming control box mounted on the side?

I have a fairly small space so every bit counts. Apologies if this isn’t the correct spot for this query!


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The absolute minimum to get all 4 feet on a table is about 42.5 by 60.25 inches but that would leave the stepper motors hanging over the edge and the display out beyond the table. Realistically you want to be about 48x70 inches but it’s possible to be smaller with the caution that stepper motors, connecting wires and display are hanging over the table edges and are easy to bump into.

I built a table 48x70 with an enclosure over the Onefinity to keep noise down and help control dust which allowed me to put the area on top of the enclosure to use for storage so I didn’t completely lose the footprint in my shop. I’ve considered a second Onefinity up there for the busy times of the year but not quite there yet.


I was asking he same question. I built my table base 61 x 46 (Outside of Legs) then I added a 48" x 70" x 3/4" piece of plywood on top. I can cut the top smaller if needed or even add a wing if I want more space.
If I did it again I would make the base a bit smaller 55 x 43 and allow the top to over hang more. If needed the plywood could be doubled up on the overhanging edge. You will probably want to run the Y motor cables down through the table and this might be directly over the leg. A diagonal hole of groove might be needed.

Thanks guys - have ended up shortening up the longest dimension a little and will mount box on side. Still eagerly awaiting the machine to get through customs!

Hi, does your front enclosure door start outside of the 48” table top spacing allowing the full table top clearance along the y-axis or does the exterior of your enclosure door sit flush with the exterior of your 48” spacing? Basically reducing your table top floor space from 48” to say 46” due to the enclosure walls?

I have 48" in the Y axis direction. You need a minimum of 46" in the Y axis direction to accommodate the rail length, the stepper motor and the stepper motor wire connector on the rail - that would be as tight as you could make it.

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I believe in another thread, onefinity, and many members suggest 49x72" as the minimum, if youd like to mount controller, and touchscreen to the top.

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When you say “ flipped the y axis” what exactly do you mean? I must have missed that explanation previously

You can run the Y axis with the stepper motors in the rear (default) or front (flipped). The stepper motor wiring connects at the opposite end of the Y rail from the stepper motor and travels through the rail to the stepper motor, if you are to remove the wiring from the rail you can save an inch or so due to the connector.

I am planning a new table build and will likely run the Y rails flipped because it makes sense with the clearance required for a front discharge dust shoe.


Thank you @WaywardWoodworker for explaining that. After posting this question to you, i saw a video of someone explaining that process. I look forward to hearing how it turns out for you! Again, thank you!!!

Any chance you have a picture of what you did? Trying to get an idea

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Nothing yet, the new table build is in the design phase right now, I’m planning a torsion box hybrid setup. My current table is a torsion box and I’ve gotten accustomed to having the area between the top and bottom skin to store things for the Onefinity but I would like to incorporate some drawers which the current setup doesn’t have.

By chance would you have any pictures on how you ran the wiring?