Difference between journey man x-50 and woodworker x-50?

We have decided to go with a OneFinity. I am confused with the difference between the Journey man X-50 and the Woodworker X-50. is the added cost of the Journeyman worth it? We will be doing your standard CNC stuff. Nothing huge and primarily wood.

Hey David,

the difference is the X dimension.

“Woodworker” is 32″×32″ workarea and
“Journeyman” is 48″×32″ workarea.

“X-50” means that the rails of the X Axis are 50 mm ⌀ (instead of 35 mm ⌀ on “X-35”)

The question whether the added cost for Journeyman is worth it depends heavily on the size of the things that you want to manufacture. For me, there was no question, it was yes. I canceled my “Woodworker” order when “Journeyman” was released because I needed that size.

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thanks. that is exactly what I was looking for. I think I will go with the journeyman so I don’t get buyers remorse when I realize I want a bigger machine.

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Always a good plan if you have the money to do it. I don’t recall the last time I wished I had bought something smaller or less powerful :smiley:

I figure it’s better to have more capabilities that I don’t use than wish I had more than what I bought offered.

One reason not to go for Journeyman would be if you really lack space in your workshop.

That’s 1,83 m × 1,24 m (!)