Results of beta testing the journeyman

I have been beta testing the Journeyman for about 4 1/2 months and it has been a pleasure working with this machine, I was thinking before I got this machine that the accuracy wouldn’t be as sharp as the woodworker beings it is a larger machine and I figured there would be some flex even with the larger thicker rails but I cannot find a difference at all. Having a 48 inch X rail is a big time saving and money making feature, no tiling is needed and I really love that part of it, I am hoping to see longer Y rails in the future which I’m sure if you have to room you would want or need this. I have stood on top of the X rail with a dial indicator attached and very minimal movement and also used a long 2 x 4 under the rail to flex it upward which is the way the machine would flex when the Z drops down to the spoilboard and it would take an awful lot to move that rail with the Z. This machine is so over the top in every aspect and I don’t say this because I’m a beta tester, I believe that telling the company honestly the good, bad and ugly makes them better and isn’t that what we all want, a better machine? I really love the fact that I can break down this machine in minutes and take it anywhere I want and now with the rolling table for the woodworker I will take it to craft shows and show people how things are made. This company is a real game changer and they seem to be constantly on the move and improving and the customer service is second to none, they listen to their customers. The only negative thing for customers is the long wait for the machine but you have to realize it is very worth it, take it from me I have tried other machines and you get to know excellence when you see it!


I thought they said the rolling table for the Woodworker would not fit the Journeyman. I considered getting it anyways and finding a way to add supports for the 48" span. Did you modify the Woodworker rolling table to account for the extra span of the Journeyman?

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I realized I forgot to mention that I have 3 woodworkers and I would use the table for that not the Journeyman, besides that would be too big to be bringing to craft shows


Thanks. I’m building Fishers pivoting table (but extending it for the extra size of the Journeyman). I’d go with the rolling folding table from 1F if it were available. About the same price and the 1F would be more compact.

I’m pretty sure the rolling table does physically fit the Journeyman - it’s not “recommended” because the size/weight of the resulting machine would make it difficult to maneuver. The leg end, and the wheel end, are not connected - they don’t care how far apart they are. The QCW will hold together the 2 ends.

If you need some weight-lifting, it would be possible. But be careful!

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Customer support has told me that they’re working on a version of the rolling table for the journeyman. No timeline though, just that it will be announced when ready.


I wasn’t sure the QCW would provide sufficient support across the wider 48" span of the Journeyman. I thought about adding a piece of steel channel midway across the span under the QCW and then a couple of braces that would connect the ends of that to the cross pieces on the legs. Easy enough to have them swivel at the QCW end and lock into the cross pieces using a hitch pin or such. I have the QCW ordered with my JM but decided to wait on either a version of the rolling folding table for the JM or my build of Fisher’s tilting rolling table.

I’m trying to get ready for my X-50 Journeyman. I’m not sure what to get for cable management got any suggestions?

I would hang on a little longer if I were you so they can get some of these machines out because there are plenty of talented people in this group with 3-D printers that will eventually make something for it, I have three 3-D printers but I don’t do any designing

Thanks, I’m not known for my patience, procrastination yes. Can’t wait play.
Thanks again.

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I modified 3 of the drag chain brackets from here: ONEFINITY CNC Complete X & Y Drag Chain Bracket Setup | Etsy

Just extended them 5mm further away to give it a little more clearance. Just buy a longer aluminum angle piece for the longer Journeyman and you’d be set.

The 2 X brackets I was able to change in Fusion, the top I had to re-draw - Fusion just didn’t like the STL file. Greg should have modified ones published soon.

All the mounting holes are identical between the X35 and the X50 - the X50 is just a little bigger, and needs a little more clearance.

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Thanks for the help, I have a little time looking like mid September. Just trying to get as much done as possible. I’m sure things will come together soon.