Anyone else trying hard to be patient?

After getting my feet wet with a Bob’s setup, I quickly realized that I want more speed, more power, more stability, more features. Quite a big step, coming from a $500 CL buy to a $7k CNC/Laser!

I did a lot of research … as well as I could with my limited experience and this one just checked all the boxes for me.

Pretty excited to get it.


Trying to be, but not having much luck at it.

1st CNC here, and so far I’ve:

  1. Built my table (Kreg frame with torsion box)
    1b. wondered if I built my table too small
  2. Purchased my vacuum
  3. Purchased a chip separator
  4. Purchased a dust boot (suck-it)
    4b. Purchased a different dust boot (nighthawk)
  5. Purchased a spindle shim, light ring, vacuum boom, Makita router
  6. Purchased a set of bits (IDC woodcraft)
  7. Purchased more bits (Whiteside (several), Spetool surfacing bit, Jenny)
  8. Purchased more bits (WidgetWorks 120 & 90 degree diamond drag engraving bit)
  9. Purchased more bits that I’m sure I can’t think of right now
  10. Purchased Vectric VCarve Pro

My wife is telling me I need to pace myself…never a good thing in any context :slight_smile:

So yes, trying. But patience - not my strong suit…

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What is a spindle shim?

Spindle shim usually refers to someone purchasing the 80mm mount from the beginning, but buying the shim to allow you to mount a 65mm spindle or Makita router initially. That way you are covered for when you want to upgrade to a 3HP 80mm 1/2" shank spindle.


Exactly. I originally had the 65mm mount on order - but I know me, so I asked them to swap it. Figured I’d use the Makita router to start while I am learning, but at some point I know I will upgrade to a 80mm spindle.