80mm spindle vs Makita

This topic has been hashed time and time again, and I understand the 80 spindle is better. I’m on board with that. I’m awaiting the announcement to see what 1F is going to offer in this regard, since my machine isn’t coming until late July.

My question is since I am new to cnc, is it worthwhile to start by using the makita,dialing in speeds etc manually, vs adding the confusion of the vfd, breakout board, etc into the mix right away. Or should I just bite the bullet and try to figure out all at once?

I have experience in Fusion 360 with my 3d printer, so that part I think I’m ok with, learning the cam side will be new though.

There’s a little more to using a spindle than just plugging in a router. But I don’t think you need to go through all the work of connecting it up so that it’s controlled by the system. If you get a real HY vfd it’ll have a speed control knob on it that will allow you to set the speed and you can turn the spindle on and off with the controls on the vfd. If you don’t mind a fan then you can get an air cooled spindle so no water pump or hoses. That just means running 4 wires vs the cord on the router. Also there are 65mm spindles available, they just will not accept a 1/2" router bit. A 65mm1500w spindle will be more powerful than a compact router and have better bearings.


Theres no harm in starting with a makita and swapping out for a 2.2 when the 80mm mount comes out if it doesnt before july. the Makita is under $100 so it can always become a dedicated roundover or champher router.

I agree…plus if you are learning, damaging a $100 “spindle” hurts a lot less than a more expensive one. Also keeps you from tempting going faster and harder when starting out Here are the approx rpm vs dual settings…a number of user look for this when trying to determine feeds and speeds