Any upgrade options for a beefier 2HP router with a larger motor radius?

Good day, Fellas.

I’m wondering, is there any options to mount a beefier motor that has a larger mooning radius? I’ve burned down my router (wasn’t a makita though as recommended) milling aluminum and wanted to see if there’s a way to mount this 2HP beast I have sitting in the shop?

Miles, you can search “larger spindle” in the forum as this topic has many treads.


Do a search for 80mm spindle. Maybe some day but not yet.

Probably need to come up with a custom solution depending on the size of your spindle mounting requirements.

I’d be interested too since I have about $1000 worth of 1/2" shank bits for my other CNC and have had to invest in 1/4" bits for the 1F

I think sooner or later if 1F doesn’t release a 80mm mount someone else will for the machine.

From what I understand the 80mm mount is in beta with select users so release should be close.