80mm Spindle Integration (Already in testing)

While I love that these hobby CNC routers are now available ate very reasonable prices what has always kept me from getting one is a want a company to offer a machine with the option for a larger motor.

I want the ability to use up to 1/2" bit shanks which is not possible with a trim router or a 65mm Chinese spindle. offering a Z axis that could be easily changed to accommodate a larger router or 80mm Chinese spindle would be a game changer in my opinion

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OneFinity is already working on an 80mm Spindle mount which would support spindles with 1/2" bits. Its still being tested and they will let everyone know once its been released. If you search the forum there are many threads on this. Just search “80mm spindle”


I had seen that in of the threads, and called today to as some questions and confirm that before i made any decisions. The person I spoke to recommended i added it to the feature requests form

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We’re already testing one. It will come out at some point. We’ll announce it when we do.