Anyone ever cut thin steel?

Like a handsaw plate. Is this even possible?

Of course - One of many examples:

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I think the question was more if anyone has done steel on the Onefinity? Is there a reason that Onefinity mentions the machine as capable of only cutting softer metals?

I have cut 1095 steel, brass, aluminum, epoxy, hard and soft woods, plywoods and particle boards. Other than making some small adjustments from manufactures recommendations I have been running everything at full speeds and havent had any issues to date.
With the right bits and speeds you should be able to cut any material with 1F. I think the question should be is how efficient is it at doing those materials. With the size of the stepper motors and power of your spindle you will not be able to cut as fast as say a production cnc but you still can cut the same stuff just slower. Some materials may need additional oiling during cuts which you could do manually but it would still get it done. I used wd40 when I cut the 1095.

I think if I was going to try to do it for more than one or two projects I would get a sheet of 3/4" PVC and make a simple tub with short walls so you could keep a flow of coolant on the bit. I think I would also go with a spindle over a router as metal cutting bits like to go slower than woodworking bits.