So... what about 7075 aluminum?

I’ve seen that the onefinity machines can cut 6061 aluminum, but what about 7075? The onefinity documentation gives pretty minimal info on what it can and cannot cut. Has anybody attempted 7075?

Hey Alexander,

I have no personal experience with 7075, but check out this thread on another forum. From what I have read, it seems to machine even better than 6061. Keep in mind these people are probably talking about proper VMCs.

Here is what a couple of them said:
“7075 is much stronger than 6061. Stronger than some steels. But it cuts like a dream and is a lot less ‘gummy’ than 6061. You can sometimes cut dry or with a basic mist spray. Be wary of the stronger, sharper chips during cleanup.” - cobrakai.

“7075 is nice to work with. I find that it requires less edge breaking and overall finishing work than 6061. It’s the aluminum of choice for most of my personal projects.” - pickled.

From what I have gathered, it’s kinda like the difference between hardwood and softwood.
Better surface finish. Cleaner cuts. Nicer chips. Have you tried 6061 yourself?


Awesome, that’s good to hear!

I haven’t received my machine, I’m about halfway through my lead time. Very excited!